Top 10 Best Bass Ukulele for Every Player

Whether you are looking to purchase your first or nth bass ukulele, the choices can be very overwhelming. Different buyers have different concerns – price, functionality, and quality. We will help you decide on what bass ukulele to go for. We rounded up the best-selling bass ukuleles in the market in recent years. Here is the top ten bass ukulele for every player:

10 Best Bass Ukulele I Recommend

1. Kala U-Bass-EM-FM Fretted Ukulele

Don’t you deserve a little decadence? For passionate ukulele players who wouldn’t mind shelling out a few extra dollars for a ukulele that looks and sounds great, the Kala U-Bass-EM-FS is a fantastic choice.

This beauty has 16 frets and can be amped or not; it gives a nice acoustic sound without the amp and produces a more robust and steady sound with one. We recommend you wire it up to your amp to enjoy a double bass-like sound quality! It can also be tuned half a step down.

The Kala U-Bass-EM-FM is versatile and can be played by ukulele enthusiasts of all ages and levels, from beginners to advanced players. It is small, dandy, and also very handy, it can be easily hauled anywhere.

2. Hilo 4-String Acoustic Bass Ukulele (2655)

The deluxe Hilo acoustic bass ukulele will give you a premiere playing experience with its high-quality mahogany wood body, 12 real frets on the fingerboard, and excellent geared machines for a more solid sound quality. This 4-string baritone ukulele is also larger than the average, at a little bit more than 31 inches in length, and weighs 2 pounds.

The Hilo 4-String Bass Ukulele is a great entry-level instrument as it is quite easy to play. We suggest you get better quality strings for enhanced sound, as the strings it comes with are not exactly the best. Overall, this bass uke is better than most with the same price range.

3. Rogue Baritone Ukulele

Affordable, yet highly functional – that sums up this Rogue Baritone Ukulele. It features a white wood body with a chirpy burnt orange finish, 18 frets, geared tuners, and inlaid position markers on its fretboard that makes this instrument beginner-friendly. For a relatively cheap price, you get a sturdy baritone-size ukulele with a rich, deep tone.

As with many other low-priced ukes, you might want to change its strings with new ones made from high-quality nylon material for a more reliable sound. The Rogue Baritone Ukulele is recommended for beginners and those who are experimenting with instrument size and tonal ranges.

4. Luna Uke Bass TAT

If you are looking for ukes with eye-catching designs, then this one might suit your fancy. The Luna Uke Bass has a spruce top, rosewood fingerboard, and mahogany body in satin natural color etched with a tribal pattern.

Sound-wise, the Luna Uke Bass TAT produces a rich tone an octave higher than normal. Even without the amplification, the sound is still clearly audible thanks to its flat-wound metal strings. The downside with strings like this is that they can be quite dense and difficult for beginners to play. But when it comes to affordability, quality, and aesthetics, this one is superb.

5. Oscar Schmidt Comfort Series Bass Ukulele

True to its name, the Oscar Schmidt Comfort Series Bass Ukulele is carefully crafted with ease of playing in mind. It has a cutaway body feature that allows you to access higher frets without awkwardness. Got small hands? No problem – this bass ukulele has a short scale length! The rosewood comfort rest on its lower bout makes it easy and less stressful on your forearm to play.

It has a rosewood fingerboard and bridge and 16 frets with dotted inlays. Oscar Schmidt Comfort Bass uke comes with a preamp which is also equipped with a tuner and volume, bass, and treble controls. This ukulele can be played acoustically; but when plugged in, it sounds even better. When you are ready to invest in a more high-end bass ukulele, then look no farther than the Oscar Schmidt Comfort Series Bass Ukulele. This is truly a great a good value for the price.

6. Kala KA-B Baritone Ukulele

Kala KA-B bass ukulele offers everything you may ever need on your first journey to the world of uke playing. The instrument is made with a mahogany body in a satin finish and walnut fingerboard. It also has a clip-on tuner and high-quality strings to give you that full, rich tone everyone wants in a bass ukulele.

The Kala KA-B ukulele is quite forgiving even for novice players. Elegant and reasonably priced yet well-built, the Kala line of ukulele has been tested and trusted by many uke players for a long time already.

7. Alston Fretless Electric Acoustic Ukulele Bass

This bass ukulele option is for those who are willing to pay more for quality, comfort, and visual appeal. The Alston Fretless bass ukulele has a striking satin polish butterfly wood body, abalone inlay rosette, and rosewood fingerboard printed with16 fret marks. Like any standard bass ukulele, this stylish uke weighs 2 pounds and measures 30 inches in length.

Whether it is played acoustically or electronically, the Alston Fretless bass ukulele consistently gives out beautiful, vibrant tones. It is well-designed, with a built-in tuner, EQ, and a pair of lithium batteries. It even comes with a small open gate at its back to facilitate string replacement.

8. Donner DUB-1 Acoustic Electric Bass Ukulele

This limited edition bass ukulele is professional-quality, yet geared towards beginners. The Donner DUB-1 is made with superior quality mahogany body and neck top-quality nylon string to produce intense and stable sound. It also offers complete controllability with preamp and EQ with volume, bass, treble, and mid control you can easily adjust to achieve the tone you want.

If you’re a beginner, this uke is perfect for practicing before moving on to higher-level ukulele instruments. The 18 frets were strategically marked at the 5th, 7th, 10th, and 12th frets on the neck to help beginners with learning and practicing chords. It is easy to hold, play, and restring.

9. Cordoba 20BM Mahogany Baritone Ukulele

Simple and stylish, the Cordoba 20BM is constructed with a solid mahogany top, back, and sides in a natural satin finish. The soundhole features a charming herringbone pattern rosette. It is furnished with nickel tuning machines with pearly buttons and can be played in a medley of tunings. It works beautifully with or without the amp.

Beginners and even advanced players on a budget can completely afford the Cordoba 20M ukulele as it is affordable and easy to play. The pearly fret markers on the 5th, 7th, 10th, and 12th make for an enjoyable and easier chord practice, while the high-quality strings elicit a fully satisfying sound.

10. Luna Bari Bass Ukulele

When it comes to really top-notch uke, Luna Bari will definitely make it on the list. Its luxurious deep wooden look is a nod to the Polynesian origin of ukuleles. The back and sides of every Luna Bari Bass ukulele are fashioned from the Hawaiian native Koa as a nod to its roots. The neck is of mahogany wood with a walnut fingerboard. The string used is the same as the other high-quality bass ukulele.

Its electronic parts include a Piezo pickup, Fishman Classica II preamp system with tuner, treble, and bass control panel plus phase dial, digital tuner, and a battery condition indicator.

With its excellent composition, the Luna Bari bass ukulele produces dynamic tones, especially when plugged in. This highly-rated ukulele is also on the pricier side

Get the Best Bass Ukulele For Yourself

Just a tip before you go ahead with the purchase, ask yourself: What factor do I put the most consideration on when it comes to bass ukulele? It will help you decide which one of the many choices is the best for you.

Think of the factors such as the sound, electronics, playability, esthetics, right or left-handedness, with or without frets, and of course, the budget. If you are a beginner and not sure if you are ready to commit to playing long-term, go for the least expensive ones. If you are looking to improve your talent, you will most likely benefit from ukuleles with first-rate features.

Whatever you choose, the most important thing is to enjoy the experience – both the shopping and playing!