The Best Audio Splitters and How to Pick Them

Sometimes, there’s nothing better than sitting alone and blasting music through your headphones. Other times, you might want to share the tunes with a friend or two. However, this isn’t always possible. Maybe you’re in a crowded place or simply don’t have access to a speaker. Either way, it’s impossible to plug in more than one pair of headphones into devices since most devices come with only one audio jack.

That’s where audio splitters come in. These nifty devices can solve your problems by splitting a single output into multiple outputs. The most common audio splitters accommodate two different headphones or earphones but there are many that provide even more options.

The best audio splitters allow you to share your music or other media with friends and family. In this article, we will discuss what to look for when shopping for audio splitters and how to choose the best audio splitters for your needs.

Best Audio Splitter: Factors to Consider

Although audio splitters are affordable, their cost can start to add up if you keep buying models that don’t work properly or suit your needs. That’s why it’s essential to consider the following factors and make sure you buy the best audio splitter for your needs the first time.

Dual Splitter vs. Multi/Star Splitter

One of the first things you need to determine is how many people will be using the audio splitter, i.e., how many earphones or headphones you need to connect to your device. Dual splitters are very common and have two outputs for you to plug your headphones into. However, when you have multiple friends, a dual splitter won’t do. In this case, you’ll need a multi splitter or star splitter.

Finding a good multi splitter is much harder than finding a good dual splitter because the majority of these kinds of audio splitters affect audio levels and quality as you start to add more earphones or headphones. Be especially careful about reading reviews and relying on guides like this one when buying a multi splitter.

Quality of Cable

It’s important to have a durable cable. If it’s a flimsy one, it can easy tear or cause other issues. Whether you’re on the bus or simply have the audio splitter in your handbag or pocket, the cable is sure to twist. Opting for a braided exterior and high-quality cable ensures that it will survive the day-to-day twisting that comes with carrying it around.

Metal Housing/Plating

When looking for the best audio splitters, make sure you buy ones with metal plating. This is usually gold or nickel metal plating and protects the splitters from rust. It’s also known to contribute to maintaining a reliable connection, making it an important consideration.

Audio vs. Audio and Microphone

Some audio splitters work by allowing two earphones or headphones to hear the same audio. Others don’t just split audio, but also allow microphone use by providing an additional port for connecting microphones. Decide which type you need before you start your search for the best audio splitter since you’ll need to look for different ports and connectors (discussed later).

Double Shielding

Double shielding is a great feature to look out for if you value sound quality. In addition to improving sound quality, it also reduces distortion and sound interference. The best audio splitters have double shielding to avoid signal loss and reduce disturbance.

Cable Length

Another important consideration is cable length. If you’re someone who easily gets their cables tangled, you may want to opt for shorter lengths. However, if you want to share audio with someone sitting further away or simply want more freedom of movement, a longer cable would be best. Both types are available and what you end up choosing depends on your needs and preferences.


If you carefully read the product description of the audio splitters you’re buying, you may notice that some are labelled as having one male port and two female ports while others have one female port and two male ports. This may not seem significant at first, but it makes a difference when you’re using the audio splitter.

Two female ports are great since they allow you to connect earphones or headphones and essentially share audio. However, when it comes to messaging applications or gaming, the best audio splitters have two male ports and one female port.

Our Top Recommendations for the Best Audio Splitter

Now that you know what to look for when searching for the best audio splitter, it’s time to look at our top picks and recommendations. Check them out below.

UGREEN Headphone Splitter 

This affordable audio splitter is known for its hi-fi stereo sound and is compatible with most devices with a 3.5mm AUX port. If you only need a dual audio splitter, this is one of the best ones you can opt for. It has polished 24K gold-plated connectors and copper wires. This ensures you get the best sound possible by eliminating noise and signal loss.

In addition to this, these are some of the best audio splitters you can buy since they’re durable and won’t fall apart in a few weeks. Not only are the plugs gold-plated, but this audio splitter also boasts an aluminum alloy casing and a TPE jacket. As an audio splitter with two female ports, it’s important to note that this will only transmit audio, and not microphone input. At 20 cm, this is the perfect length to move around without worrying about tangling issues.

Belkin Rockstar 5-Jack Audio Headphone Splitter

This is the best audio splitter for those looking for multiple outlets to share music or other audio. It’s a lightweight and functional design that allows up to 5 users to use the same device. The standard 3.5 mm aux ports make connectivity easy with most devices, including computers, laptops, phones, and tablets.

One of the best parts of this is that the audio splitter also works as a passive mixer with each device controlling fade-ins and mixing.

NANYI Headset Splitter

Another great dual audio splitter is the NANYI headset splitter. While it’s similar to the UGREEN audio splitter in that it’s a 3.5mm dual splitter, it has one major advantage over it. Instead of having two female ports, it has two male ports. Because of this, this is the best audio splitter for those who need to connect both the audio port and mic at the same time.

In addition to this advantage, the audio splitter also has a braided design to offer durability and gold-plating for reducing signal loss. Another feature that makes this a great audio splitter is its length. The cable is 30cm long and is sure to give you plenty of freedom of movement.

Final Thoughts

Audio splitters are an essential accessory that make sharing music, television shows, and movies extremely easy. Whether you want to listen to a song with a friend or share a video with an entire group, audio splitters make the process easy and convenient.  Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of what to look for and which models are the best ones available, you can buy the best audio splitter for your needs.