11 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1000

Whether you are just starting out or have been playing for years, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars on a new guitar when there are so many great options at better prices.

Although much of the time price equates to quality – and there is no denying that a $10,000 guitar will sound better than a $10 one – unless you are hoping to be the next Jimmy Hendrix, you can save your hard-earned money for something else.

Best Acoustic Guitar Under 1000

That’s right! Getting a guitar that suits your needs and sounds professional doesn’t mean you need to sell all your jewelry or take out a loan; there are hundreds of high-quality guitars out there that are under $1000.

If you are ready to find your next acoustic guitar, take a look at our list of affordable options below. You won’t be disappointed!

1. Donner Acoustic Guitar Kit For Beginner Adult Full Size

Donner Beginner Adult Acoustic Guitar with Free Online Lesson Full Size Cutaway Acustica Guitarra Bundle Kit with Bag Strap Tuner Capo Pickguard String Picks, Right Hand 41 Inch Natural, DAG-1C

First up on our list is a guitar that is perfect for beginners. It is a full-size guitar, and it comes with a whole set of must-have accessories, so that you can get into the good stuff straight away.

Included in this kit are:

  • 4 guitar picks (each  one a different color)
  • A capo, so that you can play your favorite tunes in various keys
  • An Allen wrench
  • A padded guitar bag, so that you can transport it safely
  • A black guitar strap, so that you can play anytime, anywhere
  • A digital tuner
  • A pickguard
  • A cleaning cloth
  • A set of spare strings

This means that when you buy this kit, you will be ready to tune your guitar and start playing straight away – without having to go to various stores to get everything you need.

This is perfect for beginners, because more experienced guitarists will likely already have most of these items.

This guitar is beautifully made, and is available either as a Cutaway or a Dreadnought.

A Cutaway style guitar has the same shape as the figure-of-eight Dreadnought, but with one of the top curves cut away (hence the name).

One benefit of getting a cutaway is that it makes it easier for you to reach the higher frets; if you are not used to playing, this might be helpful.

However, because a cutaway has a smaller sound chamber than a dreadnought, it might be quieter or produce a thinner tone.

Think about what you want to get out of your guitar before you choose one of the two styles.

Both the dreadnought and the cutaway are available in two color schemes: natural light wood, or sunburst.

Both styles of guitar are made with a spruce top and mahogany backs and sides. It is said that the two types of wood combine to produce a sound that is both clear and full.

The strings on these guitars are made from phosphor bronze, and have carbon steel cores.

These high-quality strings are easy to tune, and are able to stay in tune for a long time between each tuning session.

What is also great about this beginner’s guitar is that it includes markers on the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th, and 17th frets, so that you can get easily get used to where your fingers need to lie on the guitar neck.


  • Includes all the accessories needed to start playing and practicing
  • The strings and sealed tuning pegs make it easy to tune
  • Available in two different styles and two color schemes


  • As it is for beginners, the sound quality may not match higher-end instruments

Also available to buy at:

Donner DAG-1CS Cutaway 41-Inch Full-Size Acoustic Guitar Beginner Kit, (idonner.eu

Donner Beginner Adult Acoustic Guitar with Free Online Lesson Full Size Cutaway Acustica Guitarra Bundle Kit with Bag Strap Tuner Capo Pickguard String Picks, Right Hand 41 Inch Natural, DAG-1C
  • Most Complete Beginner Guitar Set: Donner acoustic guitar kit includes acoustic guitar, padded gig bag, strap, digital clip-on tuner, capo, pickguard, extra pack of string, 4 Picks, clean cloth. Comes with all necessary accessories beginners need. Start playing right out of box. Good for beginners, professionals, adults, etc
  • Well Made Craftsmanship: Spruce top, mahogany back and sides with X bracing. 20 Brass Frets with Fret position Marks at 3th, 5th, 7th, 9th, 12th, 15th and 17th frets on neck and top of fingerboard. A solid instrument to last for long time
  • Rich Warm Clear Sound: Spruce top mahogany body brings you richer and brighter sound, balanced tone and full rich intermediate frequency, and prolongs resonance
  • Stay in Tune: Constructed with phosphor bronze strings with High Carbon Steel Hex Core and high hardness bridge saddle and bone nut, Donner guitar is easy to tune and hold tune after first tune-up of strings
  • Playability: Full size 41 inch cutaway body for full and vibrant tone, suited for all styles of music. Playability and tone of Donner acoustic guitar is perfect for starter. NOTICE: Recently, Donner upgrade its logo. Due to the difference of production batches, the Donner logo on the product you received may be different. However, the quality, material and craftsmanship of the products are the same and guaranteed as always. We apologize for the confusion caused

2. Moukey 36″Acoustic Guitar 3/4 Junior Classical Guitarra Acustica

Moukey 36' Acoustic Guitar 3/4 Junior Classical Guitarra Acustica for Beginner Youth Teen Adult with Chord Poster, Gig Bag, Tuner, Picks, Nylon Strings, Capo, Cloth, Strap - Natural

This guitar is perfect if you are looking to buy your kid their first or second acoustic guitar.

It is a ¾ size, so it is small enough for younger kids to use and big enough for teenagers. This means that if you are getting the guitar for a young child, it will last them years!

It is available in natural, brown, sunburst, or pink, so there is an aesthetic for every kid.

All wood on this instrument is basswood, other than the okoume wood on the neck.

The strings are made from soft nylon, which makes them easy to strum and makes them painless to use, as opposed to harder metal strings.

The style of this guitar is dreadnought, which means that it will produce a big tone that is well suited to all styles of guitar music.

What makes it a perfect starter pack is that it comes with all the accessories that your kid will need in order to start learning the guitar as they play. It includes:

  • One chord poster, so that your child can start learning the basics straight away
  • One padded guitar bag, to ensure the guitar is protected on the move
  • One digital tuner
  • A guitar strap, to make it easier for your child to hold the guitar while they play
  • A capo
  • An extra set of nylon strings
  • A cleaning cloth
  • Four different colored picks


  • The ¾ sizing makes it easy for kids to hold and play
  • The pack includes everything needed to start playing as soon as you receive it


  • The wood used to make the body, and the nylon strings, will not create a sound as rich as higher-end guitars

Sold almost exclusively at Amazon.com

Moukey 36" Acoustic Guitar 3/4 Junior Classical Guitarra Acustica for Beginner Youth Teen Adult with Chord Poster, Gig Bag, Tuner, Picks, Nylon Strings, Capo, Cloth, Strap - Natural
  • 🎁【Ideal for Beginner】 - Moukey 36” acoustic guitar equips with soft nylon strings so it will not cause pain in fingers. Dreadnought body provides a full and vibrant tone, suited for all styles of music. 6 exquisite tuning pegs allow you tunes nicely and stays tuned for quite long time.
  • 🎶【Come with Chord Poster】 - The ultimate beginner-friendly guitar chord poster shows the most commonly used chords, enabling starters to memorize fretboard and play chords on the first day. You can learn quickly by following the instructions.
  • 🎶【Exquisite Workmanship】 - Handcrafted Quality basswood body, okoume neck, smooth fingerboard and non--scratching frets enable Moukey acustica guitarra to be played comfortably for a long time. 2 strap pegs allow you to attach the strap easily, ONLY 2 steps. The color and finish are very nice and blemish free.
  • 🎶【Fits Teens and Adults】 - Product size: 14.2(L)*3.3(W)*36.8(H) inch. Moukey 36” acustica guitar is suitable for adults and junior aged 5-9 or over / height 3’7”- 4’7” or over. If full size guitar is too big for you or you want to travel with a guitar, 36" guitar is a good choice for you.
  • 🎶【Complete Beginner Guitar Set】 - Everything needed for starters is included, just unboxing & playing it. The whole set includes Moukey 36” acoustic guitar, chord poster, 3mm padded gig bag, tuner, strap, capo, strings, polishing cloth, and picks. A decent gift for your darling, friends and family.

3. Fender FA-235E Concert Bodied Acoustic Guitar

Fender FA-235E Concert Bodied Acoustic Guitar - Moonlight Burst

This guitar is a step up from the previous two on the list. It is a little more costly, but still very reasonable, considering its Fender quality.

Firstly, the exterior is exquisite. The Moonlight Burst color scheme has exposed wood in the middle of the instrument, that is covered in a cool gray translucent paint.

Surrounding the gray is a deep black color, that makes this guitar look both classy and sexy.

The whole guitar is topped with a lamination, which makes it resistant to damage caused by changes in temperature and humidity, and reduces the amount of feedback when you amplify it.

That’s right – it is an acoustic guitar, but it also has the option to be plugged into an amplifier.

Because of this, this Fender can be used by both those of you who wish to only play in the confines of your own living, and others of you who have plans to be on the stage!

This guitar has the best of both worlds, and combines authentic traditional styles with modern alterations.

The shape of the guitar looks very similar to a dreadnought, but is actually slightly smaller.

The smaller body makes this a concert-style guitar, which has been constructed with clear projection in mind.

This is an electro-acoustic guitar that is perfect for either beginners or intermediate guitar players, but which can also be enjoyed by more experienced guitarists.


  • Fender is a recognized guitar brand, renowned for their quality and sound
  • The guitar is suitable for a range of experience levels
  • It can be used for both unamplified acoustic use and for performances


  • As it is not specifically for beginners, this guitar does not come with any accessories

Also available to buy at:

Fender: FA-235E Moonlight Burst Electro Acoustic Guitar | Musicroom.com

Fender FA-235E Concert Sunburst | GAK

4. Seagull Original New 2018 Model Acoustic Guitar With Hard Case

Seagull 046386 S6 Original New 2018 Model Acoustic Guitar w/Hard Case

Next up on our list of affordable acoustic guitars is this Seagull guitar, which comes with its own hard case.

We love the aesthetic of this design; it is mostly natural wood, but it has a stunning tortoiseshell feature on the front.

Seagull uses a wide range of lovely woods to make this instrument, including wild cherry, rosewood, and cedar.

The overall effect is a classical looking guitar with an updated and clean look.

The top of the guitar is made from cedar wood, and has been pressure tested. This means that the guitar is extremely durable, and will likely withstand many years of use.

The guitar is finished with a slight gloss, which is strong enough to protect the wood, but thin enough not to compromise the tone of the guitar.

The projection from this instrument is clear and powerful.


  • Comes with a protective hard case to ensure safe transportation and storage
  • Multiple wood types combine to give an attractive finish


  • The guitar is relatively heavy, so is not suitable for beginners or children

A left-handed version of this model is available to buy at:

Seagull S6 Original Left Acoustic Guitar at Gear4music

Seagull 046386 S6 Original New 2018 Model Acoustic Guitar w/Hard Case
  • Solid cedar top
  • Scale Length: 25.5in
  • Wild cherry back and sides
  • Silver leaf maple neck

5. Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar, Mahogany Top

Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar, Mahogany Top

This is one of our favorite guitars in terms of its looks. The body of this instrument is made from mahogany, which has been given a natural finish.

The fret board is made from ebony, as is the bridge, which creates a nice contrast to the rest of the guitar.

The overall look of this guitar is classy, simple, and a perfect mix between old-fashioned and modern.

As the name suggests, this is not a large or full-size guitar; it measures 39 inches tall.

This does not mean that the guitar is for children or beginners, but it does make it easier for those with a smaller reach to play effectively.

This Taylor also comes with a soft padded case, so that you do not have to look elsewhere for the right fit, and can start taking it everywhere with you as soon as you get it.


  • Sleek and simple aesthetic
  • Slightly smaller size makes it easier for those with a short reach


  • The small size of the body arguably produces a lesser sound than full size guitars

Also available to buy at:

Taylor BT2 Baby Acoustic Travel Guitar with Mahogany Top – Andertons Music Co.

Taylor Baby BT2 Acoustic Travel Guitar at Gear4music

Taylor Baby Taylor BT2 | guitarguitar

Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar, Mahogany Top
  • 6-string Acoustic Guitar with Mahogany Top
  • Layered Sapele Back
  • Sides - Natural
  • Neck Width 1-11/16 inch

6. Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar

This guitar from c.F. Martin & Co. is a small instrument, with a high quality and strong sound.

It is a ¾ size guitar, which makes it perfect for musicians with a shorter reach, or for a very lucky kid!

The instrument is made from a mix of spruce, mahogany, stratabond, and indian rosewood.

The whole guitar is finished with a high pressure laminate, which makes it shine and also protects it from being damaged.

You can use this guitar for years, and it will not be affected by humidity or temperature changes.

The strings on this guitar are made from phosphor bronze, which creates a clear and full sound. Included with this guitar is a padded guitar bag, so that you can easily take it to gigs and concerts.


  • Aesthetic look
  • High pressure laminate finish ensures durability and protection
  • High quality craftsmanship of a renowned brand


  • It may not produce a sound as full as a full-size guitar

Also available to buy at:

Martin Guitars LX1E Little Martin Natural | DV247

Available for left-handed players at:

Martin LX1L Little Martin Left-Handed Guitar, Inc. Gig Bag at Gear4music

Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar
  • Mahogany pattern HPL (high pressure laminate) textured finish, solid sitka spruce top
  • Rust Stratabond neck, shortened 3/4 scale
  • Chrome small-knob tuners. Tusq saddle.
  • Solid Morado or East Indian Rosewood fingerboard
  • Includes padded gig bag

7. Yamaha CSF1M TBS Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar With Hard Gig Bag

Yamaha CSF1M TBS Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar with Hard Gig Bag- Tobacco Brown Sunburst

A parlor size guitar is one that is 34mm shorter than a regular, full-size guitar. However, the tone and volume created by this instrument match that of a full-size guitar.

The size of this Yamaha makes it perfect for players with a short arm reach, and makes it that little bit more comfortable for everyone.

The woods used to make this guitar include mahogany and sitka spruce, which combine to create a rich sound and unbeatable tone.

The pickup on this guitar has been designed especially to have zero impact.

Each string on the guitar has an individual sensor, which means that the pickup can produce incredible sound quality when you connect it up to an amplifier.

Because this is another electro-acoustic guitar, you can either use it solely as an acoustic, or connect it to PA systems and amplifiers.

This makes the Yamaha ideal for musicians who record acoustic guitar, those who perform on stage, and those who wish to only play quietly at home.

A semi-hard padded bag is included with this instrument, so that you can take it with you on the road and transport it to gigs with ease.

This model is available in four gorgeous colors: Tobacco Brown Sunburst; Vintage Natural: Translucent Black; and Crimson Red Burst. There’s a Yamaha CSF1M for everyone.


  • Available in a range of stylish color schemes
  • The parlor size of this guitar makes it lightweight and easy to use for guitarists with a short arm span
  • Made from high quality woods


  • This guitar may feel small for experienced guitarists that are used to full-size instruments, so may take some getting used to

Also available to buy at:

Yamaha CSF1M Travel Guitar, Vintage Natural at Gear4music

Yamaha CSF 1M Electro-Acoustic Vintage Tint | PMT Online

Yamaha CSF1M Compact Folk Travel Electro Acoustic VN (rimmersmusic.co.uk)

Yamaha CSF1M Electro Acoustic, Crimson Red Burst at Gear4music

Yamaha CSF1M TBS Parlor Size Acoustic Guitar with Hard Gig Bag- Tobacco Brown Sunburst
  • The Yamaha csf Series takes parlor-size acoustic guitars to a new level
  • The 600mm Scale Length, 34mm shorter than a standard full-size acoustic, feels and sounds like a full-sized Guitar, just more comfortable
  • Mahogany and Sitka Spruce construction, with all-solid woods on Csf3 provide a rich, full, inspiring tone
  • The passive Zero impact pickup provides gig-ready flexibility with natural, dynamic plugged-in tone
  • Includes a durable, Hard Gig Bag

8. Washburn Heritage Series HG12S Grand Auditorium Acoustic Guitar Natural

Washburn Heritage Series HG12S Grand Auditorium Acoustic Guitar Natural

This mahogany and rosewood instrument is quite the looker. The mahogany body has a dark, natural wood finish, and combines with the rosewood fret board to create a smooth and sexy look.

The Washburn Heritage Series is known in the music industry for its excellent sound quality and detailed craftsmanship.

The high quality mahogany combines with the attention to detail to create a guitar that sounds as great as it looks.

Interestingly, the mahogany wood provides a slightly warmer sound than more commonly used woods, such as cedar. All over the mahogany neck is a satin finish.

This not only provides the neck with a glossy appearance, but also protects it from being worn by your hands over the years. This guitar is durable without looking super practical.


  • Made by a renowned brand
  • Mahogany wood creates a warm tone
  • Very aesthetic finish


  • This is just an acoustic guitar, not an electro-acoustic, so it cannot be connected to amplifiers or recording devices

Also available to buy at:

Washburn HG12S Grand Auditorium Acoustic Guitar | PMT Online

Washburn Heritage G12S Acoustic, Natural at Gear4music

Washburn Heritage Series HG12S Grand Auditorium Acoustic Guitar Natural
  • Body Body type: Grand Auditorium Cutaway: Non-cutaway Top wood: Solid Mahogany Back & sides: Mahogany Bracing pattern: Quartersawn Scalloped Sitka Spruce Body finish: Info not available Orientation: Right handed Neck Neck shape: Info not available Nut width: 1.69" (43mm) Fingerboard: Rosewood Neck wood: Mahogany Scale length: 25.5" Number of frets: 20 Neck finish: Satin Electronics

9. Takamine 6 String Acoustic Guitar, Right Handed, Natural (GD20-NS)

Takamine 6 String Acoustic Guitar, Right Handed, Natural (GD20-NS)

This lovely guitar has a dreadnought shape, and utilizes a combination of high quality woods to give the classic style a refreshing makeover.

The top of this guitar is made from cedar, while the back and sides are made from mahogany. The result of these two woods is a full tone and the ability to use this to play multiple styles.

The rosewood fingerboard is smooth and makes gliding over the frets easy and satisfying, and the satin finish on the neck accentuates this smoothness, and makes it resistant to wear and tear.

The bridge on the guitar is also made from rosewood, which makes the tone of the notes sweet and full of clarity.

Our favorite detail on this guitar is the pearloid dot inlays, which mark the frets of the guitar.

Especially when they are combined with the natural finish of the guitar, these inlays make the instrument look classic and classy,


  • Satin finish not only looks great, but makes the exterior of the guitar resistant to wear and tear
  • The mahogany elements of the instrument create a smooth and rounded tone


  • This guitar does not come accompanied by a case, so you will need to buy one separately

Also available to buy at:

Takamine GD20-NS Dreadnought Acoustic, Natural at Gear4music

Takamine Dreadnought TK-GD20-NS Acoustic Guitar from Rimmers Music

Takamine 6 String Acoustic Guitar, Right Handed, Natural (GD20-NS)
  • Solid cedar top with mahogany back and sides
  • Slim satin-finish mahogany neck and 12"-radius rosewood fingerboard provide great feel and playability
  • Split-saddle design of the pin-less rosewood bridge provides superior intonation for sweeter-sounding chords and single-note runs
  • Bone nut and bridge saddle
  • Elegant Natural satin finish

10. Fender CD-60S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar, Walnut Fingerboard, Natural, Left-Hand : Musical Instruments

Fender CD-60S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar, Walnut Fingerboard, Natural, Left-Hand

The second Fender on our list is designed specifically for all the lefties of the guitar world.

While most guitarists are right handed, or at least play a right-hand guitar, there are still a fair few musicians who have learned on a left-hand one.

This guitar is designed primarily for beginners, or those with little experience, and its features reflect this.

The neck has been designed with comfortable fingerboard edges which are rolled, to make it smoother to run your hands along the neck and easier to find the frets.

Much like many of the guitars on the list, this instrument has some mahogany elements. These elements help the musician to create a warm and vibrant tone.

The mahogany is matched with the guitar’s solid spruce top, which creates a bright and strong sound. The two types of wood mix to make this guitar perfect for playing a wide range of styles, from fingerpicking to strumming.

This means that all types of guitarists can use this model, and that beginners can try out numerous styles to help them find their favorites.


  • Fender is a highly-acclaimed brand
  • The two types of wood combine to create a full and vibrant tone
  • Rolled fingerboard edges make it easy to play


  • This guitar does not come with a case, so you will need to purchase one separately

Also available to buy at:

Fender CD-60S Dreadnought Acoustic, Mahogany at Gear4music

Fender CD-60 Dreadnought V3 DS Natural (gak.co.uk)

Fender CD-60S Dreadnought All-Mahogany Acoustic Guitar | PMT Online

Fender CD-60S Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar, Walnut Fingerboard, Natural, Left-Hand
  • Solid spruce top, mahogany body
  • 25.3" scale mahogany neck w/20 fret Walnut fingerboard
  • Creme Plastic Nut
  • Fender 'Easy-to-Play' shape with rolled fretboard edges Neck Shape
  • Case Not Included

11. Yamaha Storia I Acoustic Guitar

Yamaha Storia I Acoustic Guitar

This guitar is praised widely for its rich and detailed tones. Its mahogany back and sides are joined by a solid spruce top, both of which contribute to the guitar’s impressive sound.

As well as being able to make a beautiful sound, this guitar also looks really interesting.

As opposed to the typical natural wood finish that we have seen on most other models, the Yamaha Storia has a top that is painted in a bluish-gray or off-white color.

This color is very striking, and sets this guitar apart from the rest on the market. The sides and back of the guitar remain true to the classic look, and have a very natural finish.

The overall aesthetic effect of this guitar is unique and classy.

If this is not quite what you are looking for, there are also the Storia II and Storia III models, which are very similar to the Storia, but have unique differences.


  • Unique and stylish aesthetic
  • Brings together classic design with a modern touch
  • Mahogany and spruce combine to give a competitively rich tone


  • This guitar does not come with any bag or accessories, so you will need to buy them separately

Also available to buy at:

Yamaha Storia I Electro Acoustic Guitar | PMT Online

Yamaha Storia I Concert Electro Acoustic (gak.co.uk)

Yamaha Storia I Electro Acoustic, Off White at Gear4music

Yamaha Storia I Acoustic Guitar
  • STORIA I delivers clear, rich tones
  • Solid Spruce top
  • Mahogany back and sides
  • Ivory inlay and rosette
  • Semi-gloss finish

Buyer’s Guide

As when you buy anything new, there are some factors that you need to consider.

When you buy a new guitar, you need to make sure you know about all the options available to you, so that you can spend your money on an instrument that suits you and delivers the sound you want.

Below are a few of the things that you need to consider before purchasing a new acoustic guitar.

Acoustic VS Electro-Acoustic

If you are certain that you will never want to connect your guitar to an amplifier or recording system, for example if you just play for fun at home, it is probably best that you opt for a simple acoustic guitar.

However, if there is a chance that you will want to record your guitar music or perform at some stage, it might be worth considering an electro-acoustic, which allows you to play both unamplified and amplified.


As with any new product, acoustic guitars are available at a range of prices. Before spending your money on one, you need to decide how big a role your new guitar will play in your life.

If you are planning on merely using it for fun and casual playing, it might be best to save your dollars and avoid purchasing a high-end guitar.

If you are going to use your guitar professionally, or if you know you will be using it very regularly, it might be worth investing a little more money into it.

This way, your guitar will likely last a long time no matter how often you play it.

At the end of the day, the monetary decisions are completely down to your financial situation and your personal preferences, so it is entirely up to you how much you spend on your guitar!


Although the most important thing about a new guitar is the quality of the sound it produces, you also want to make sure that the look of your guitar is appealing to you.

There is a range of finishes available, from crimson red paint, to sunburst patterning, to good old reliable natural wood.

Whatever your preferences, there will be a guitar out there that suits your style perfectly, so it is definitely worth holding out for one that makes you happy!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is A Tongue Brace?

A: A tongue brace sits underneath the guitar’s fingerboard. It is added to certain guitars to prevent the neck from cracking under the tension of the guitar strings.

What Size Guitar Should I Buy?

A: If you are a child or buying for a child, we would suggest opting for a ½ or ¾ size guitar. For teenagers, you could opt for a ¾ guitar or a full-size one, depending on their age and arm reach.

Most adults will prefer to have a full-size guitar, but there is no shame in purchasing a smaller one if your arm span is too small to easily cover the length of the fret board.

Do be advised that often the bigger the guitar, the stronger the sound. This is not always the case, though, so make sure you research specific models thoroughly before purchasing.