Are Takamine guitars good?

Are Takamine guitars good? Takamine guitars are decent choices, especially for those who are just beginning to play. They are reliable and offer great value for money. Most of their guitar models are excellent entry-level instruments, but they have good quality range for guitar pros, as well.

Who would have expected that a guitar maker from the East would squirm its way to the global market, rivaling even those of well-established brands such as Gibson or Fender, and even making it to the hands of some music legends? Many have tried but Takamine definitely succeeded. The sound of Takamine guitars was so impressive, that it was able to become the leading instrument used by Don Felder in the iconic intro of Hotel California.

Takamine’s road to success was not as smooth as you think, like every other guitar company, they struggled to infiltrate the guitar monsters. But after releasing their world-renowned PT-007S during the 1970s, the global market went wild and guitar connoisseur bawled their way to get their hands on it.  But what do Takamine guitars have that made them stand out and be able to be on par with guitar giants of the West?

Takamine Profile

Takamine is a guitar manufacturing company that started in Japan almost 60 years ago. They offer a generous number of options for guitarists of all levels of proficiency. Whether you’re a beginner, pro, or an Eric Clapton-wannabe, they have a guitar handcrafted for you.

In fact, unlike other brands, Takamine does not give their guitar model names, instead, they assign them numbers. Sounds geeky and shrewd right, calling guitars by their numbers? Takamine is indeed geeky and shrewd, cause did you know, they are one of the first companies to ever manufacture acoustic and electric guitars, and a combination of both— acoustic-electric guitars.

You are probably saying, having too many options is irrelevant if they produce poor quality and inconsistently sounding guitars. Well, not to burst your bubble, but Takamine’s extensive catalog is not even the company’s best suit; in fact, the quality of their products is what put them on the map.

Takamine retains traditional craftsmanship in making their guitars while integrating novel cutting-edge technology. They use the finest of wood and the most skilled personnel to produce these one-of-a-kind guitars. Seasoned artisans take charge in handcrafting portions and woodworks of the guitar while high-tech machines tie it all up to ensure that all its products are of high caliber.

This blend of old and new methods is one of the main ingredients to Takamine’s success.

Takamine has established its name in the guitar scene, but weirdly, only its budget and mid-range guitars were hailed, leaving their pro-suited guitars doubted and unpreferred over Fender’s and Gibson’s. This created a notion that Takamine guitars are only for beginners, which certainly is not.

In fact, popular musicians such as John Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and Garth Brooks have wielded the prowess of Takamine’s guitars on the world stage, which proves the potential that these guitars possess.

Best Takamine Guitars

To further emphasize the point that Takamine guitars are for all types of guitarists. We’re giving you our best picks for beginners, professionals, and for those on a budget.

Best for Beginners: Takamine GD11MCE

If want to enter the realm of guitarists, you can’t go wrong with Takamine’s guitars as your first instrument, especially the Takamine GD11 MCE. The GD11 MCE checks the spot in terms of appearance, sound quality, and playability. Its mahogany-laminated body and satin finish makes it attractive compared to other guitars. Also, the satin finish is very helpful in preventing stickiness when you sweat a lot. Sound-wise, it produces rich, loud, and clear music, unlike any other beginner guitar at its price.

Check out this Takamine GD11 MCE quick review:

Best Budget Guitar: Takamine GD30CE

If you want your money’s worth, the Takamine GD30CE is the one for you. The GD30CE looks like your standard guitar with its traditional dread design yet once you get a hold of it, you’ll realize how different it is. Its slim neck profile and satin finish on the neck make it fit perfectly in your arms like lock and key. However, keep in mind that the GD30CE produces a boxy sound which makes it better to use along with a band than playing it solo.

Have a closer look at Takamine GD30CE here:

Best for Professionals: Takamine EF341SC Pro Series

Of course, nothing could top the guitar Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen raved on— the Takamine EF341SC Pro Series. This guitar looks minimalistic, but the sound is the best of its class. The EF341SC Pro Series guarantees you a phenomenal performance in any setting, from small venues to large ones, this will not disappoint. The premium build quality ensures that it will last you for a very long period of time. Literally, a flawless instrument, finding blemishes and shortcomings of this model is very difficult.

Watch the Takamine EF341SC Pro Series demo here:

Are They Worth the Money?

With Takamine guitars, it is certain to get your money’s worth or even more than what you paid for. Some customers have revealed that a mid-range Takamine outperformed their favorites from other brands. Guitars manufactured by Takamine level with other guitars with even twice the price tag!

One issue that is thing worth mentioning is, the reports of some buyers that there were some inconsistencies with the entry-level and mid-range guitars of Takamine. Many bicker that some sound underwhelming while others complain of physical defects upon purchasing the items.

A suspected reason was the places wherein these are manufactured, the entry-level and mid-range are being produced in a totally different area such as China while the high-end guitars are made in the main site in Japan. But big respect to Takamine for responding quickly to these complaints, and immediately improving their quality control across all production sites.

The humble history of Takamine along with their diligent dedication, good customer service, and world-class craftsmanship guarantees you will get value from every penny.

In Conclusion: Are Takamine Guitars Any Good?

Takamine guitars are pretty impressive, but they are not the end-all-be-all of the guitar market. If you are looking for guitars for newbies at a reasonable price, Takamine is one of the great options.

However, if you’re planning to invest in a nice guitar for professional purposes, you can add a few hundred dollars, and get a piece that would last you a lifetime with a sound that never deteriorates.

At the end of the day, the choice of what guitar you want to have is up to you. Remember, you can see product reviews of different guitar models from various brands, but nothing beats going into the actual store and testing it out yourself.

The next time you see a physical Takamine outlet, make a visit and consider it as one of your safe options.