Are my hands too small for guitar?

Have you ever wanted to learn how to play the guitar but thought your hands were too small? Or maybe you struggle with developing your talent, and you think the reason for this is having small hands.

Continue reading to find out if this is myth or a reality holding some people back.

Is It Possible to Play Guitar if You Have Small Hands?

A lot of people complain that playing the guitar with small hands is a challenging task. People with small hands feel like this because they may feel it is harder for them to place their fingers or be able to stretch them enough to reach the strings they need to.

Many also complain about getting sore fingers or having pain just because they strain their fingers because of excessive stretching.

If you are one of these people, then don’t worry; most beginners feel the exact same way when they first start out playing the guitar as well. This does not have to do with the size of their hands, but to do with how learning the guitar is a difficult task and requires a lot of training.

Although the size of your hands does matter a little bit, the reason you are having difficulty playing the guitar is not because of the size of your hands, but because you are having trouble stretching out your hands in hard and awkward ways.

There are many different ways to get over this difficulty, and that is by training your hands properly to stretch in appropriate positions and to ensure you know which guitar suits your needs properly.

Keep reading if you wish to learn how to train your small hands properly to play the guitar.

How Crucial Is It to Choose the Right Guitar for Small Hands?

In order to play the guitar, your body and hands need to get accustomed to the instrument. Therefore, choosing a guitar suited for your small hands is necessary.

Having small hands does not mean that you need to buy a smaller guitar. You can buy a regular adult-sized guitar as well, as long as your body and hands are able to adjust to them appropriately.

Figuring out which guitar to get will require you to notice your body size and how far your hand can stretch. A heavy acoustic guitar might not fit someone shorter as they would not be able to reach the top of it, but a smaller, sleek guitar would be easier for them to control.

Are There Any Guitars Best Suited for Small Hands?

If you wish you buy a regular-sized guitar, do not worry as you can probably play it without difficulty.

The determining factor is the neck. If it is too wide and heavy, someone with small hands will not be able to adjust it to their comfort, and it might seem impossible for them. However, if it has a shorter neck, it is easier to reach the top strings and play it comfortably, with small hands.

Alternatively, a guitar with a flat neck is more appropriate for someone with small arms, so their fingers can stretch around it. Width and thickness also matter while choosing a guitar, not just length. You need to be able to stretch your fingers around it properly.

Exercises to Help You Play Guitar with Small Hands

There are many different exercises to learn how to play better with small arms. They may seem strenuous, but don’t worry; with practice comes ease.

Do this exercise every day for ten minutes, and you will be able to stretch your fingers further than you could before.

These exercises are simple but efficient in increasing finger flexing ability. They may seem hard at first, but they have helped many people with small hands learn how to play properly. If it seems too hard, slow start, and practice to reach this level.

The first exercise involves keeping your index finger on the fifth fret and then playing. Whilst keeping your index finger down, keep your middle finger on the sixth fret and play together.

Next, while keeping the two fingers down, use your third finger to play the 7th fret simultaneously.

Repeat the same process and play the 8th fret with your fourth finger while keeping the previous ones down.

Repeat this entire process with the next string, and replicate.

This technique will really help your fingers be able to stretch and flex properly, and they will feel more relaxed. The more you practice, and depending on your hand size, the sooner you will be able to play the guitar easily.

You can also watch this helpful tutorial on how to play guitar with small hands.

Some Valuable Tips for Playing Guitar with Small Hands

The ‘fretboard reach’ is the limited amount of space that exists between the top of your index finger and your thumb. If you have very small hands, maximizing this space is essential.

Now you are aware of this, let’s explore other tricks to learning how to play the guitar better with small hands.

Tip 1: Buy A Guitar with A Narrow Neck

The thickness of the neck matters a lot. Some guitars are narrow, yet some are too wide. The wider the neck, the harder it is to reach it. This is why maximizing the fretboard reach is essential.

This is why it is important to buy a thin and narrow neck guitar if you have small hands.

Tip 2: Posture Matters

Ensure that while playing the guitar, your body is comfortable and upright. How you play and how far you stretch your hands depends a lot on posture. This is why always make sure you adjust your body and posture to the guitar.

Tip 3: Keep Your Wrists in Front

If you have tiny fingers, make sure you don’t keep your hands behind the neck with your fingers curving round side to the front. To get maximum reach potential, move your wrist forward under the neck.

Tip 4: Use Tips While Playing Fret Notes

Make sure that when you are playing fret notes, only use the tips of your fingers rather than your entire finger, and do not put too much pressure.

Tip 5: Use ‘Extra Light’ Strings

Extra light strings are easier and lighter to use for people who have small hands, which is why trying them out might be a great idea.

Tip 6: Play Easy Chords

When you are a beginner, you should practice on and stick to the easy and beginner chords while playing. Mastering these will help you conquer the harder ones as well, with practice and time.

Tip 7: Don’t Give Up

Do not give up if you start feeling as if your small hands are causing too much difficulty in playing the guitar for you. Many times, people often resign from learning how to play due to their negative and hopeless attitude.

Learning to play the guitar is an extremely hard task for anyone, and people with small hands have practiced and mastered the art, despite having small hands. If they can do it, you can do it too.

The Bottom Line

We hope that this blog helped answer the question, ‘Are my hands too small for guitar?’

If you have small arms or small hands and you wish to polish your guitar playing skills, please refer to the tips we shared earlier and enjoy playing guitar at your heart’s will.