Are Ibanez guitars good?

Are Ibanez guitars good? Ibanez guitars are some of the most widely appreciated string instruments in the music industry. This is especially true for musicians in the hard-rock or metal genre. That’s because of Ibanez’s reputation for “fast necks,” which allow musicians to play rapidly because of the neck’s design.

Hoshino Gakki, the creator of Ibanez, founded his company in 1908. However, it was only in 1935 that the company started making classical guitars under the brand name Ibanez Salvador. Salvador is a Spanish luthier, and Gakki used his name to honor the legend.

It was later rebranded to Aibanizu (in Japanese characters), and in 1986, it changed again to its final name, which is Ibanez. Having been around for more than a hundred years, it’s not surprising to find Ibanez guitars being popular worldwide.

What is it that makes them a trustworthy brand? Is it all about their history? Is there more to Ibanez that you should know? Allow us to show you all the things that make Ibanez guitars good.

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Reaching Out to the Beginners

In some music circles, Ibanez guitars are considered middle to low-tier. Their average quality isn’t exactly something you’d want in your hands when you’re playing in front of thousands of people. But that’s the thing; not all Ibanez guitars are built for stadium concerts.

The only reason why Ibanez gained a bad reputation is that they’re trying to reach out to beginners. Surely, when you’re starting out, you don’t want to spend $3,000 on an instrument you don’t even know how to play yet.

So, you have to work on a budget. However, that also means that the quality and features of the guitar will be reduced. Don’t get us wrong. We’re not saying that mass-produced, beginner-friendly Ibanez guitars are inferior. It’s just that you wouldn’t get the extremely thorough details one would be looking for when he/she is playing professionally.

Nonetheless, middle- to low-end Ibanez guitars are on par with other brands in the same price range.

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Covering All Bases

Moving on from beginners to professionals, Ibanez also offers top-tier guitars. If you have about $2,000 to $3,000 to spend, you will get one of the– if not THE best guitar brand you could have. The best part is that instead of being on par, Ibanez can effortlessly outperform other brands despite being slightly more affordable.

This is one of the many reasons why a lot of musicians prefer playing with an Ibanez guitar. Here are some of them to give you an idea.

Jennifer Batten

Jennifer Batten is Michael Jackson’s session guitarist. She played in his world tours while also recording and touring with Jeff Beck. She also released studio albums of her own, and in all of this work, she uses an Ibanez guitar.

Pat Metheny

Pat Metheny is a world-famous jazz guitarist. He made a hit with David Bowie back in 1985 entitled “This Is Not America.” He wrote more than 400 songs and had numerous recordings with other famous musicians like John Scofield, Dave Holland, and Gary Burton. He is a huge Ibanez fan that the company actually made a signature guitar under his name called Ibanez PM200-NT Pat Metheny.

Paul Stanley

Paul Stanley is the co-frontman of the metal band KISS. He is more famous in the music world under the name The Starchild. With Ibanez guitars being a staple among metal bands, it’s not surprising to see a member of KISS using one. In fact, Ibanez made an entire line of signature guitars under his name.

Steve Vai

Steve Vai is another huge name in the music industry who is deeply fond of Ibanez guitars. He won the Grammy Awards thrice for his contributions to rock music. Because of this, he is widely regarded as a musical legend. He mostly used Ibanez guitars, and he co-designed some of them, most particularly the JEM series.

John Scofield

John Scofield, otherwise known as Sco, is a jazz-rock composer and guitarist who plays for some of the biggest names in the music industry. This includes Miles Davis, Pat Metheny, and John Mayer, among others. He often uses the 1981 Ibanez AS200, which later became the inspiration to his signature Ibanez guitar, the JSM John Scofield Model.

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Shifting with Music

If you take a closer look at the names listed above, you’ll notice something rather interesting. Despite how often we mentioned that Ibanez is popular among metal bands, guitarists who play other genres are also fond of their guitars.

That’s because Ibanez, as we’ve also said, covers ALL bases. Yes, that means they have guitars that would be well-suited for genres like jazz, fusion jazz, electric jazz, progressive metal, hard rock, blues, and even pop music.

Ibanez likes penetrating all types of music and experimenting with how else they can improve their instruments. In fact, Ibanez is one of the first bands to introduce the seven- and eight-stringed guitars, dating as far as 1990.

Nonetheless, it was their fast necks that really cemented their place in the music industry.

The Fast Necks

“Fast neck” refers to the overall build of the guitar’s neck. This type of guitar is designed to have a flat and thin neck, allowing the player to access the frets quicker and more comfortably, hence the name.

Aside from the build of the neck, a fast neck guitar also has low string action and large frets. This makes it relatively easier to press the strings down while moving to different frets at a fast rate.

Ibanez is famous for building this type of necks, which, in Ibanez language, are called Wizard necks. They introduced this in 1987 with their Ibanez RG550, and they’ve since produced multiple versions and models with this neck design.


With all the technological development being channeled into the music industry, we’re currently seeing some of the best guitars known to man. A lot of considerations, demands, and planning come with building the best guitar a musician could ever have.

You might think that these developments would put some old brands out of commission, but Ibanez is not just another brand. Ibanez withstood the test of time, and we’re certain they will continue to do so, especially when we can see how good their guitars keep on getting.


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