About Us

Musician Authority was started in 2018 with a focus on teaching beginners how to play a variety of instruments online. This website is a product of a lot of enjoyment of music and the love for teaching others to reach their next level.


I believe it was around the age of 10 that I picked up my first instrument. It was actually a guira which is used in a variety of latin music – I used it in Merengue. I then picked up the tambora and eventually the accordion. I started on the accordion at about 15 years of age and began playing professionally with my own band shortly after. It was an amazing experience.

I didn’t come from a family of musicians like my buddy Ronaldo, but my father loves to dance, if that counts. Anyway, I noticed early on that I had a knack for distinguishing instruments by ear. When I was about 10 I first started hearing this mysterious instrument. I couldn’t quite say what it was at the time but I definitely heard it separately from the others. I found it intriguing and later learned it was called the bass guitar. Today, the bass it one of my favorite go-to instruments.

Along the way, I ended up learning quite a few instruments including the alto saxophone and keyboard. My latest addition is the ukulele and plans to get a ukulele bass soon.

Teaching others and learning different things along the way is always a valuable experience for me. This site gives me the opportunity to give it my best working together with Ronaldo.

For this website, I focus on managing content, marketing, and a whole slew of other things to make this a helpful resource for you and the rest of the world. I hope you enjoy this site and look forward to connecting with you.

Ronaldo – Contributor

I would say that I really love playing, composing, and teaching music. Our God Almighty gave me such a wonderful talent and I am so grateful for that. I came from a family of musicians where music is part of our daily lives.

Whenever I travel to a different country, the first thing I do is to check out what musical instrument I can bring home, next to trying out their local cuisine. As an advocate of learning, I also have a fascination with learning a new instrument, new composing technique, new ways to teach music, or any new method that can help out other people in their musical journey.

I got my Masters degree in Manhattanville College (Purchase, NY), and Film Scoring/Composition degree in Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA). After finishing my Composition degree, I got a job in New York City as a Music Editor for a jingle commercial house, thereafter becoming a music composer for different television and radio commercials. Prior to moving to the US in 1996, I had an extensive playing and touring experience with different bands back in Asia, where I played every night.

After I finished my Masters of Art in Teaching, I taught general music in the Middle & Elementary School where I introduced the World Music Drumming curriculum I learned from the late Dr. Will Schmid. I was also the Worship Arts Director at the church in White Plains, NY, where I met and played Christian worship music with Eddy.

So here I am sharing my passion for music, and I hope you will get lots of helpful information from this site, as we are the musician authority. “Without Music Life would Bb”