About Joyce Ann

Joyce Ann graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Communication and Media Studies at New Era University. She especially enjoyed her journalism class and was nominated for Photojournalist of the Year. Joyce Anne … Read more

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20 Best Disney Songs of All Time

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25 Best Rihanna Songs of All Time

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Why are guitars so expensive?

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Does Ryan Gosling play piano?

Does Ryan Gosling play the piano? To put it succinctly, Ryan Gosling did play some, mostly by ear. But for his role in La La Land, the actor trained for 2-3 hours a day, 5-6 … Read more

Is E flat the same as D sharp?

Is E flat the same as D sharp? Well, yes and no. Between D and E is a half-tone that can be called D sharp or E flat. These two notes are acoustically the same. … Read more

Why is there no B sharp?

Why is there no B sharp? Odd as it may seem, B sharp (and E sharp as well) do exist; they’re precisely the same notes as C (and F for E sharp).  This means that … Read more