26 Songs with Sunday in the Title

Many cultures have celebrated Sunday as the first day of the week. The day is associated with the Sun, new beginnings, illumination, and strength. Recently, the day has been known as the last day of the weekend and a time for rest.

Biblically, Sunday is the day that followed all of creation and is the day on which God rested.

Sundays are the days that many Christians go to church, and Sundays are also the days that many sporting events occur.

Football, baseball, and NASCAR host their most important games and events on Sundays.

Sunday is also the day that many newspapers publish special editions of their papers with extra news articles, recurring columns, and exciting community pieces.

Top 26 Songs with Sunday in the Title

#1 Sunday by Sonic Youth

Sunday was one of the most popular songs on Sonic Youth’s tenth album, SubUrbia. The UK had the best reception of this song, where it reached the Top 100 UK Singles Chart in 1998.

Sunday is alternative rock, and it’s a love song about a girl who makes a boring Sunday feel special. The song’s guitar riffs are incredibly similar to Skeleton by Helium, but the vocals are clear and smooth.

#2 Sunday Morning Coming Down by Johnny Cash

Originally written by Kris Kristofferson, Johnny Cash’s version of Sunday Morning Coming Down is the most well-known version.

The song depicts a man who spends his Sundays alone and drinks and does drugs as part of his daily routine before going out and walking around the city.

The song is sad, but it’s also got some sweet notes. For example, the man sees a dad and daughter playing in the park, and he smells things that remind him of his youth, which makes him wistful instead of sad.

Cash’s version of Sunday Morning Coming Down debuted in 1968 on his album, Folsom Prison Blues.

#3 Sunday Best by Surfaces

This upbeat song by Surfaces is about making the best of any situation.

Sunday Best is an alternative indie song with hints of rhythm and blues. The song is about someone wearing an outfit they feel good about and walking around in the sunshine.

It talks about falling sometimes and says that not always succeeding is okay if you remember that things will get better again.

The song debuted in 2019 on the album Where The Light Is.

#4 Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2

Sunday Bloody Sunday by U2 is a song that comments on the state of the world. The song’s tone is that there isn’t much hope for the future.

The song talks about things that people see on the news, the hope that the world can be a better place, and predicts that things won’t get better quickly.

The drumbeat in this song intends to mimic military music, and the song’s title is a nod to the Troubles in Northern Ireland.

While U2 has stated that the song isn’t specifically about the 1920 or the 1972 Bloody Sundays, they intended it to refer to both events.

The Irish rock song came out in 1983, while political tensions were high in Ireland. U2 felt the need to clarify to the public that their song was a political commentary and that they did not intend to support the rebellion with their song.

#5 Sunday Morning by Maroon 5

The smooth vocals of Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 paired with simple melodic piano chords make for an easy listening experience.

The song talks about life getting busy and crazy and appreciating the simple things in life with the people you love.

While not the typical genre of Maroon 5, this jazz fusion song was well received. The song debuted in 2004 on the album Songs About Jane.

#6 Sunday Candy by Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment

Sunday Candy is a Christian song about taking communion and going to church on Sunday.

This song also talks about a grandmother’s love. It talks about a grandmother who did everything out of love for the person who wrote the song and what a great and godly woman she was.

Sunday Candy debuted in 2015 on the album Surf.

#7 A Sunday Kind of Love by Etta James

Etta James talks about love lasting past the one-night-stands of Saturday night in A Sunday Kind of Love with her powerful vocals.

This song manages to weave hopefulness and longing so closely that anyone can feel it while listening.

A Sunday Kind of Love is a soulful rhythm and blues song that debuted in 1960 on Etta James’s most famous album, At Last!

#8 Sunday by Andrew Garfield with The Moondance Diner Ensemble

Sunday by Andrew Garfield and The Moondance Diner Ensemble is a song from the 2021 film Tick, Tickā€¦ Boom!

This song talks about working in a diner and watching customers come in and eat breakfast on a Sunday. It talks about the silliness of paying too much for food that could be made better at home.

The beauty of this song doesn’t come from the lyrics or the message but instead from the beauty of dozens of talented voices weaving together in harmony.

#9 Sunday by David Bowie

Sunday was a song that David Bowie didn’t intend to write. The lyrics and melody of this slower, sad song came to him while he watched deer grazing and a car driving slowly early in the morning on his way to the studio.

This song goes best in the context of its entire album, which seems to examine being in awe of God. We see Bowie talking about being afraid and seeking peace and love in this song.

While Bowie recorded this song before 9/11, many draw parallels between the song’s rhetoric about rising together after burning and destruction.

This alternative pop song with a dash of gregorian chanting debuted in 2002 on Bowie’s album, Heathen.

#10 Sunday Morning by No Doubt

Sunday Morning by No Doubt takes a look at failing relationships.

This song talks about a girl who thought she knew the man she was with, but he changed in ways she didn’t like. It talks about her growth as a person and how she won’t stay with someone who isn’t right for her.

Sunday Morning debuted in 1995 on No Doubt’s third album, Tragic Kingdom.

#11 Sometimes on a Sunday by The Glorious Sons

The Glorious Sons speculate about God’s flaws in Sometimes on a Sunday.

The music video for Sometimes on a Sunday is a graphic commentary on the problems with the world and existing injustices.

This song looks at what God does when no one is around to spend time with. It talks about God having fears and wants the same as any man and talks about the Devil being good company for anyone if he’s your only option.

This alternative rock song debuted in 2018 on the album Little Prison City.

#12 Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon by Queen

This short and upbeat song by Queen talks about having a busy week and enjoying relaxing on Sunday. Freddie Mercury wrote this song and performed all of the vocals.

The busy things are still enjoyable, such as riding a bike or going to the zoo, making this a very positive and happy song.

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon debuted in 1975 on Queen’s fourth album, A Night At The Opera.

#13 Sunday Girl by Blondie

Sunday Girl by Blondie talks about a sweet girl who lives in her own world and is a little sad. However, the song wasn’t intended to be taken literally and was not written about a girl at all.

Chris Stein, Blondie’s guitarist, wrote this song about a cat that ran away.

The song was a huge success regardless, and Blondie released a second version of the song in French. The song’s second version did very well in the UK, France, and the Netherlands.

The first version of Sunday Girl debuted in 1978 on the album Parallel Lines.

#14 Blue Sunday by The Doors

Released in 1970 on the album Morrison Hotel, Blue Sunday by The Doors is another love song.

This song talks about finding an all-consuming love that makes life better.

Blue Sunday did not do as well as they expected, but that is likely due to their 1969 tour being canceled halfway through after indecent exposure from lead singer Jim Morrison caused citizens to lose interest in the band.

#15 Gloomy Sunday by Billie Holiday

Gloomy Sunday is a sad song about losing a loved one.

Known as the “Hungarian Suicide Song,” Gloomy Sunday was originally a Hungarian poem about losing a lover’s life to war and wishing to join them.

The song had many versions but gained popularity in English due to Billie Holiday’s crooning vocals in 1941.

Since Billie Holiday’s take on Gloomy Sunday, many other bands and singers have made covers of the song, including Sarah McLachlan, The Associates, and Serge Gainsbourg.

#16 Sunday Love by Bat for Lashes

Sunday Love is an indie-pop song created to be a companion piece for the short, tragic film I Do.

Sunday Love is about losing the one you want to spend your life with and not being able to move on. At a first listen, one might think that a man lost the love of his life as the lyrics talk about a girl who is haunting the singer.

However, songwriter Natasha Khan said that the woman in the song is a metaphor for the ghost of grief that follows us all when we suffer a great loss.

Bat for Lashes uses high, ethereal vocals, which add to the theme of the transience of love.

Sunday Love debuted in 2016 on the album The Bride.

#17 That’s What I Love About Sunday by Craig Morgan

That’s What I Love About Sunday by Craig Morgan looks at small-town America and the best parts of a Sunday.

The song talks about wearing your best clothes, enjoying church, football, and a sense of community. It looks at people who aren’t always perfect, doing their best to be better on a Sunday.

This song’s main instrumentation is the guitar. However, church organs join in occasionally to produce a country song that is happy and upbeat, which shows the writer’s emphasis on religion on Sundays.

That’s What I Love About Sunday debuted in 2005 on the Album My Kind Of Livin’.

#18 Sunday by The Cranberries

The Cranberries talk about being uncertain where you stand in love in their song, Sunday.

This song talks about being swept off your feet, having a hard time expressing love to someone for the first time, and fears over being left behind.

While the original version of this song is a mid-tempo beat released in 1993, an acoustic version came out two years later.

This rock-folk song debuted on the band’s debut album, Everyone Else Is Doing It, So Why Can’t I?

#19 Sunday by Sia

Sia tells everyone that they should go easier on themselves in their song, Sunday.

Sunday talks about people in pain, who self-medicate, and who have hurt themselves. It tells anyone in positions like this to take breaks when needed and enjoy the simple things.

This song debuted in 2006 on Sia’s third album, Colour the Small One.

#20 Loving You Sunday Morning by Scorpions

In Loving You Sunday Morning, Scorpions talks about working hard all week and finally being able to spend time with the person you love on Sunday.

This song looks at not being able to spend as much time as you’d like with the person you love and hoping that giving everything that you can will be enough.

This song debuted in 1979 on Scorpion’s sixth album, Lovedrive.

#21 Raining on Sunday by Keith Urban

In Raining on Sunday, Keith Urban talks about what the love of another means to him. This song talks about staying warm and safe in bed with a loved one when it’s raining on a Sunday.

Raining on Sunday talks about the importance of doing nothing with a loved one and how some things you are required to do aren’t as pressing as enjoying little moments with the people you love.

This country song debuted in 2002 on Keith Urban’s third album, Golden Road.

#22 Sunday in the South by Shenandoah

As the name would suggest, Sunday in the South by Shenandoah talks about what a typical Sunday is like in the South. The song talks about everyday activities that you could enjoy in the South on a Sunday.

The music video shows a community picnic with a large potluck and kids playing. The lyrics talk about a childhood in the South, pride in one’s history, and the sense of community that you can find there.

This country song debuted in 1989 on the album The Road Not Taken.

#23 Another Sunday in the South by Miranda Lambert

Another Sunday in the South by Miranda Lambert is another take on southern living.

In this song, Miranda Lambert references Shenendoah’s Sunday in the South. She talks about how turning on the radio can make you feel like you’re home and in the South, even when things are hectic and you’re far from home.

Another Sunday in the South further describes southern living as slow and peaceful. The song talks about the heat of the summers and about going fishing. It talks about not always being able to get the things that remind you of home, like lemonade or going to church. The song also talks about getting things that are good enough to suit your needs and remembering your roots.

This country-pop song debuted in 2014 on Miranda Lambert’s album, Platinum.

#24 Feelin’ Kinda Sunday by Nancy and Frank Sinatra

In their upbeat classic Feelin’ Kinda Sunday, Nancy and Frank Sinatra talk about being in a wonderful mood.

This song talks about being high on life, enjoying the sunshine, and enjoying any small good things.

This song debuted in 1966 on Nancy Sinatra’s album, How Does That Grab You?

#25 Another Park, Another Sunday by The Doobie Brothers

In Another Park, Another Sunday, The Doobie Brothers sing about how lonely a Sunday can be without someone you care about enjoying it with you.

This song talks about how simple things like songs and streetlights can remind you of somebody and leave you feeling sad.

It also talks about how hard it is to get yourself together when you’ve lost something important to you.

Another Park, Another Sunday debuted in 1974 on the album What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits.

#26 Young Girl Sunday Blues by Jefferson Airplane

In Young Girl Sunday Blues, Jefferson Airplane talks about the highs and lows of life.

This song is an alternative indie song with a folk twist that looks at good things that happened in the past but predicts that things won’t always be as good.

Despite this, the song’s outlook is not bleak; rather, it alternates between the good and the bad.

Young Girl Sunday Blues debuted in 1967 on the album After Bathing at Baxter’s.