26 Songs With Love in the Title

It only takes turning on the radio and listening in for a few songs to recognize that love has, is, and likely will always be a dominating theme in popular music.

Perhaps given humans’ desire for social acceptance and our anxiety around social rejection, ideas about love, attraction, heartbreak, and intimacy are sources of comfort, hope, or solidarity for many people.

Regardless of the reasons for this prevalence, it’s undeniable that love makes for good songs—and we’ve got the list to prove it.

1. “Love Is A Game” by Adele

Adele has many unforgettable hits centered on love—the giddiness, the craziness, the pain, the hope, and so much more.

“Make You Feel My Love” is undeniably one of her most well-loved hits, but “Love Is A Game” is an incredible track from her most recent album, ”30.” The album gives an intimate look at the story of her divorce.

She speaks about how love is a game, and it’s pretty foolish to participate in it because it can be so painful. Even still, she continues to believe in love, just as many of us do.

2. “He Don’t Love Me” by Winona Oak

If you haven’t been in a situation in which you love someone, and they don’t love you back, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

In her song “He Don’t Love Me,” Winona Oak sings about unrequited love. Her sultry voice explains how they made her fall in love thanks to his natural charm and seductive poetry.

However, she is well aware that he doesn’t love her back and doesn’t think about her at night.

3. “Love Nwantiti” by CKay, ft. Dj You! and AX’EL

The best aspect of this song is its absorbing Afrobeat.

CKay is a Nigerian artist who released “Love Nwantiti” first in 2019, but it has blown up since then to become an international success.

It’s a great song to drink to, bump your head to, and shake your body to, especially due to the catchy ”ah ah ah”s throughout the melody.

4. “Love Is Alive” by Louis The Child and Elohim

This song has a more electronic sound to it, which is typical of Louis The Child’s style.

It starts relatively slow but quickly builds into an upbeat, happy song.

The lyrics talk about how love is everywhere, and it’s something that we should pay attention to, actively seek out, and ultimately be grateful for.

5. “All My Love” by Major Lazer, ft. Ariana Grande

“All My Love” is centered around the idea of being in love with someone who is genuinely good for you and how that can change your life for the better.

It’s acceptable to give that person (or people, if you want to extend it to family and friends) all of your heart.

It features a catchy chorus where listeners are invited to shout along: “all my love.” There is also a fun, hard-hitting, tropical techno beat that is excellent for parties and events.

6. “Waiting For Love” by Avicii

The late Avicii released a litany of great songs throughout his career, but “Waiting For Love” is definitely one of his best.

It begins with a short piano ballad that slowly builds into an electronic masterpiece.

The lyrics talk about how we’re all looking for love, and sometimes we have to wait patiently for your person to come along.

There may be pain and heartbreak as you wait, but in the end, it’ll be worth it when it finally comes around.

7. “Love U Better” by Ty Dolla $ign, Nathaniel Alford, and Twice As nice, ft Lil Wayne and The-Dream

This catchy hip-hop hit boasts a variety of talented artists. Each artist plays a role in depicting how they can love a certain someone better than their current partner.

Whether it’s due to their personality, money, looks, or something else, they’re confident they can do it better.

The song has an infectious beat that is perfect for driving or working out, and the lyrics will likely get stuck in your head.

8. “LOVE.” by Kendrick Lamar, ft. Zacari

Kendrick Lamar is one of the most popular and well-respected rappers in the industry, and for good reasons. His lyrics are deep and often contain social commentary.

In his song “LOVE.,” Kendrick Lamar talks about how love can be complicated, and sometimes it’s easier to be all by yourself than in a relationship (no matter how much you might want to be with that someone).

He further questions whether someone would love him if he was in different circumstances, especially if he didn’t have money.

Finally, he alludes to how love can be fleeting, and we shouldn’t always trust it too quickly, but honesty in a relationship is key.

9. “Tell Me You Love Me” by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato is an intriguing, hyper-talented artist with a mighty voice, and her song “Tell Me You Love Me” conveys her versatile skills.

The song is about a complicated, messy relationship. Lovato admits in the lyrics that she is not the best at love, but she has fallen for her partner hard regardless.

She also would appreciate more validation, particularly during the hardest parts of the relationship.

10. “Messy Love” by Mura Masa

This song offers a more chill, low-key alternative to the modern-day love song.

It starts slower-paced but includes some intricate and engaging beats right away. Eventually, the instrumentals pick up a bit into a proper dance song.

This fun and groovy song is excellent for a day party, like a summer pool party or a spring barbecue.

11. “Is This Love” by Bob Marley and The Wailers

A reggae classic, “Is This Love” is a beautiful ode to being in love.

Bob Marley paints admirable imagery about being in love, including sharing a humble home and enjoying each other’s company.

He repeats throughout the song a question that many people have thought about “Is this love?” and then answers it within the song.

Yes, it is love because the feeling is strong, and his desires for the future with this person are so clear.

12. “Fake Love” by Drake

”Fake Love” is very different from other songs with love in the title because Drake is not musing on being in love, but quite the opposite.

He’s speaking to the fact that many people are nice to him when he’s around but don’t actually love or respect him.

They just want to talk to him because of his status. They want to take his place, so they act fake around him, and he knows it.

Fake love, in this way, can be just as frustrating as lost love because it seems like people are taking advantage of you, and you don’t know who to trust.

13. “Be Your Love” by Bishop Briggs

This dark, somewhat haunting song is an ode to being there for someone throughout it all, through the bright days to the stormy ones.

When love is intense, strong, and genuine, there’s nothing that can stop it. “Be Your Love” is essentially a mesmerizing version of the vows “through thick and thin.”

14. “We Found Love” by Rihanna and Calvin Harris

A dance release with an electronic feel, “We Found Love,” is a fast-paced love song that speaks to the intensity of being in love and the excitement of discovering it.

Rihanna sings about how she and her partner got together unexpectedly, and when one or both of them were not in the best state. Yet, once they found love, they did everything they could to nurture and preserve it.

The song has a fun, upbeat vibe that makes you want to get up and dance, which is probably why it became an instant club hit.

15. “Your Love Is My Drug” by Kesha

Fast-paced and with a fun, poppy vibe, this song is about being in love so much that it feels almost like an addiction.

Kesha describes how she’s seeking her lover out all the time because her experience with him is like nothing she’s ever felt before.

This song will resonate with you if you’ve ever been in love, particularly young love. You start acting ridiculous, almost crazy, and you won’t listen to anyone when they tell you to calm down because you’re just that in love!

16. “Crazy In Love” by Beyoncé, ft. Jay-Z

Speaking of feeling crazy when you’re in love, Beyoncé’s chart-topping hit “Crazy In Love,” featuring her very own partner Jay-Z, is another testament to how this emotion can make you feel.

Beyoncé sings about how this love is indescribable and is causing her to act in ways she’s never acted before. It’s confusing but exciting all the same.

Jay-Z comes in at the end with an intricate and passionate verse, as expected from one of the greatest rappers of all time.

17. “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber

“Love Yourself” is a catchy, witty, snarky, and sarcastic song by Justin Bieber. He speaks directly to an ex-fling that did not treat him with respect.

It’s a slow-paced song that sounds lovely, which is why if you’re not listening closely, you might mistake it for a love song. But it’s quite the opposite.

Bieber describes this woman as the type of person who only cares about looks, judges others, and tries to change people to fit her liking.

He wants to move on, but he had to write this song first, perhaps for closure.

18. “Nobody Love” by Tori Kelly

Tori Kelly, who we’ll call a modern-day Whitney Houston—given her exceptional range and impassioned vocal runs—has such a stunning voice that is perfect for pop music.

Her song “Nobody Love” is about how the person she is with frustrates her sometimes, and she wants to push away her feelings for them. But at the same time, she doesn’t want to give up the relationship because “nobody loves” as this person does.

The chorus has a bass-heavy hip-hop beat. This switch delivers an interesting contrast to the pop- and r&b-centered verses.

19. ”Skinny Love” by Birdy

“Skinny Love” was first written and released by Justin Vernon in the band Bon Iver.

Still, a version that many people are familiar with is the one done by Birdy, thanks to her sweet, high-pitched voice that lends itself well to the song’s delicate, piano-led melody.

This is another love song that makes you feel the emotion of love rather than simply telling you about it.

It’s a hauntingly beautiful song about a relationship that is suffering because one or both parties are too hesitant to change for the better. There needs to be more patience, kindness, and other qualities that make love worth having.

It could have been great, but the relationship has now failed beyond repair.

20. “Only Love” by Ben Howard

Ben Howard’s indie-folk song “Only Love” is a sweet, admirable track that describes commitment.

He talks about how he would do anything for this person and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with them, through the good times and through the times when he ”falls apart.”

True love can tackle any problem, and Howard’s song is a hopeful one that sees the best in people and love.

21. “Love Me Like You Do” by Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding is a pop star who enjoys incorporating electronic music into her songs. She also has a voice that is quite unique, being able to sound powerful yet sweet at the same time.

“Love Me Like You Do” is one of Goulding’s biggest hits and is a perfect example of her ability to mix pop melodies with electronic sounds.

The song describes the deep affection that develops between two people in love. It’s a sensual song that captures the feelings of intimacy, desire, and passion.

22. “Love Myself” by Hailee Steinfeld

This song is an amazing pop hit that is all about the best and arguably most important song of all: self-love!

The catchy chorus gets listeners to sing (or scream) about loving themselves and not needing anybody else to love them.

This is an empowering song for people, especially those who have recently experienced heartbreak.

It’s a reminder that although interpersonal and romantic love is beautiful, it’s just as (if not more) important to love yourself.

23. “Same Old Love” by Selena Gomez

Gomez is a pop star who has been in the music industry for over a decade, first starting out as an actress on the famous Disney show Wizards of Waverly Place.

She has since gone on to have a very successful music career, with “Same Old Love” being one of her most popular songs.

The song is about a love that starts fine but ends up hurting her.

She alludes to the fact that she’s been through this kind of love repeatedly, and she’s not going to fight for this one because it’s just going to disappoint her again.

24. “Love Story” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a country-turned-pop superstar who has written dozens of hit songs about love in all its forms.

“Love Story” is one of her most popular songs and is a classic love story set to pop-country instrumentals.

It paints a fantasy-like story of two young people meeting at a “ball.” They fall in love, but it is forbidden love because her “father” in the story does not approve.

It’s a play on the forbidden love of Romeo and Juliet, and in the end, there’s a happy fairytale ending.

Ultimately, Taylor demonstrates in this song that she believes in true love and dreams of a fairytale love that lasts forever.

25. “Love In This Club” by Usher, ft. Young Jeremy

Love is an emotion that people can manifest through words, but Usher is more interested in conveying his love through physical and sexual interaction – right in the club!

This song is a slightly comical hit that combines a powerful beat with smooth singing like a lot of Usher’s music.

This song is all about going to the club with someone he fancies and – instead of taking them home afterward as one usually would – making love in a private spot in the club.

“Love In This Club” is a fun song that speaks to the fact that sometimes the desire to make love is so strong that you just don’t want to wait!

26. “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis

Leona Lewis hit it big with this song, a simple ballad that has been compared to Whitney Houston’s music.

“Bleeding Love” is a beautiful ballad that describes the extreme passion and unbridled love of two people who are madly in love.

Lewis sings about the emotional and physical vulnerability and scars of true love, that being  “bleeding love,” What’s more, Lewis delves into how that vulnerability and openness are worth it because of all the happiness and fulfillment that this love brings.

Final Word

Love is a powerful, riveting emotion, and music is an excellent way to express the gravity of this complicated, exciting, heartbreaking, and lesson-filled human experience.

Which of these 26 songs with love in the title do you love—pun intended—the most?