21 Songs With Man in the Title

Do you want to listen to some new songs or revisit old favorites? Consider finding some songs with “man” in the title.

There are songs in this category ranging from classic rock to pop to country. So you can find a few new tunes no matter your music preferences.

1. “Rocket Man” by Elton John

Elton John is probably one of the most well-known singers of all time. While he’s written and performed many great songs, “Rocket Man” is one of his most iconic.

When John wrote this song, he was struggling in his personal life and felt like a literal rocket man. The song focuses on an individual about to leave his family and go to space.

Even if you weren’t alive when this song came out, you’ve probably heard it. It’s a classic and fantastic to play no matter your mood.

2. “Piano Man” by Billy Joel

Billy Joel’s “Piano Man” is yet another classic song. As the name suggests, this song centers around the observations of a piano-playing man. In fact, it aptly starts with a piano solo.

The piano continues to play a big part, alongside Joel’s vocals and harmonicas. Its themes touch on family, as it explores the relationship between a father and child.

If you like slow songs that still have a bit of motion, “Piano Man” has a melody that is easy enough to sing along with.

Even if you don’t know it by name, there’s a good chance you’ve heard it before. It builds and builds throughout, giving the listener a feeling of triumph.

3. “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson

Of course, this list would not be complete without “Man in the Mirror” by Michael Jackson. It is one of Jackson’s most highly-regarded releases, and for a good reason.

It talks about wanting to change the world but how it’s important to start with yourself. Essentially, you need to begin with the man in the mirror.

Michael Jackson sings the song with an infectious sincerity and is a moving reminder that we can’t expect others to do things we aren’t willing to do.

Whether you’re a Michael Jackson fan or not, this is a timeless classic that continues to have resonant themes.

4. “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” by James Brown

James Brown had plenty of classic hits, like “I Got You.” One of his others was “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World.”

In the song, he talks about what men have done and how men have helped the world. But he also shares how women are just as important.

If you like jazz music, this is likely already in your playlist. The song itself became a central part of Brown’s career, and he would frequently perform it live.

As the song states, the world “would be nothing” without women. So, play this song for your mother, wife, or daughter to show that you support them and their lives.

5. “Nowhere Man” by The Beatles

The Beatles are one of the biggest bands of all time. While they released countless songs, “Nowhere Man” is not as well known.

Although it never reached the heights of hits like “Let It Be” or “Hey, Jude”, its themes are universal and timeless.

The song focuses on a man who doesn’t know where he is or where he’s going. This is pretty relatable, especially if you’ve ever struggled with a decision.

Listening to the song may not make you feel better. However, it can remind you that you aren’t alone when you have a tough choice.

6. “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

The Lynyrd Skynyrd song “Simple Man” is about living life slowly and enjoying it. Its lyrics mention a mother talking to her son and asking him to be a simple man.

Later on, the lyrics opine that you shouldn’t go after gold and that you just need your soul. With all of the glitz and glamor online and in Hollywood, it can be easy to get caught up in that.

But at the end of the day, as this song attests, you have to be something that you love and to focus on yourself.

7. “When a Man Loves a Woman” by Percy Sledge

Percy Sledge was not as well-known as many of his contemporaries, but his song “When a Man Loves a Woman” has stood the test of time.

Even if you’ve never heard his other recordings, you’ve probably heard this one. It’s an infectious tune centering on loving a woman and how great things can happen in life.

You have to treat people well when you love them. Sledge’s voice is mesmerizing, and his performance feels heartfelt throughout.

The song is steady and slow, so it’s easy to get the message. The background voices also help to accentuate the overall style of the song.

8. “Man! I Feel Like a Woman” by Shania Twain

Shania Twain is famous for her catchy songs, and one of her biggest hits was the stirring “Man! I Feel Like a Woman.” In the song, she proudly explores life as a woman and doing things her way.

Since this song title uses “man” differently from others on this list, it’s not about men or men and women. But the word “man” makes for a great way to express Twain’s feelings about female empowerment.

It has a country vibe, infused with an upbeat pop sound. Whatever your gender, this song is a bop and you’re sure to appreciate the message of the lyrics.

The video itself was as iconic as the song and paid homage to “Addicted to Love” by Robert Palmer. It proved to be one of the defining moments in Twain’s musical career.

9. “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” by The Script

The Script’s “The Man Who Can’t Be Moved” may be more famous than you think.

It’s a slow song from the 2000s. If you’ve only heard it on the radio, you may not be familiar with the title. But it can be easy to recognize thanks to its beat and melody.

Interestingly, the title doesn’t make an appearance in the lyrics. It talks about standing your ground and staying in the same place while waiting for someone or something. This song has a good message of believing in something and not letting others move you.

10. “Macho Man” by Village People

A more danceable song to check out is “Macho Man” by Village People. Of course, the group is best known for their enduring hit “Y.M.C.A.”

If that’s up your alley, then “Macho Man” is for you. It has a similar upbeat sound that’s perfect to dance to. While it doesn’t have any signature moves associated with it compared to Y.M.C.A. It’s a charming song that can get anyone moving.

In fact, you could make up your own dance moves whether you’re alone or at a party. The song slowly builds to feel a bit faster, but the speed stays the same. Appropriately enough, this is an excellent choice when you work out and want to be your very own macho man.

11. “Real Good Man” by Tim McGraw

If you have an affinity for country music, then “Real Good Man” by Tim McGraw is the one for you.

This song has a long, guitar-infused intro. McGraw sings about who he is and how he may be misunderstood. Some of the lyrics detail his inner conflict and how he is perceived. Specifically, that he’s a bad boy but also a good man.

The song has a nice groove that you can dance to or simply listen to. It might not be as popular of a piece as some of Tim McGraw’s other hits but that doesn’t detract from the quality or its themes. If you find that you can be bad and good, you may relate to the lyrics.

12. “Busy Man” by Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus is another big country star with a song that includes the word man. “Busy Man” is a slow song about someone who has a lot going on in their life.

The lyrics talk about how this man doesn’t have time for his family. There’s an underlying message that this busy schedule is keeping the man from being with his loved ones.

It’s a good reminder that you shouldn’t ignore those around you. Yes, it’s nice to have other things to do, and you do need to support yourself and your family.

However, it’s not worth sacrificing your time with those you love to be busy. Although “Busy Man” may not be as famous as “Achy Breaky Heart,” it’s one worthy of checking out.

13. “Tin Man” by Miranda Lambert

Miranda Lambert is one of country music’s most respected performers. Her ballad “Tin Man” is a slow song about wishes and luck.

Lambert sings about how the tin man has a good life and shouldn’t wish for something that may not work out in his favor. “Tin Man” has an intimate feel, thanks to the silky smooth vocals and guitar. Lambert has an engaging tone, and she can carry her voice over the guitar’s moving notes.

It may not be as popular as some of Lambert’s other records, but “Tin Man” might be for you if you like slower melodies.

14. “Man Down” by Rihanna

“Man Down” may not be Rihanna’s biggest hit, but it’s very reminiscent of her earlier songs. That is helped in part by its fun Caribbean beat.

The song revolves around a small fight getting larger and how the woman in the song hurt a man. As the title suggests, the man is down.

Rihanna’s vocals at times could be straight out of a Christmas classic, particularly when she sings “rum bum bum bum.” It sounds almost like a drum riff.

The instrumentals slowly build, and there are some police sirens in the background. While it’s not a positive song by any means, it offers a good message not to hurt others.

15. “When I Was Your Man” by Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars has had a varied career, with plenty of danceable hits. Yet, “When I Was Your Man” starts with a piano solo.

Mars sings the melody while playing the piano, and he sounds great on both instruments. He gets to show off his range as he laments about the mistakes he made in a relationship. In particular, Mars sings of the regrets of not spending more time with his partner.

If you’ve ever let someone get away, you may find that the lyrics speak to you. Even if you don’t have that experience, the melody and harmony make for a great addition to any playlist.

16. “What a Man Gotta Do” by Jonas Brothers

After a bit of a hiatus, the Jonas Brothers reformed as a group a few years ago. Since then, they’ve got back to recording. One of their releases is titled “What a Man Gotta Do.”

This song has an upbeat sound, so you can dance to it or just listen. The lyrics ask what a man has to do or say for a woman to fall in love with him.

It can be easy to think the title is “I’m Yours” since those lyrics appear multiple times. But this song is all about what it takes for a man to prove himself to someone.

If you’ve never given the Jonas Brothers a list, then this is the time to reconsider your stance. Their newer songs represent a major shift in direction since their earlier association with the Disney Channel.

17. “Ain’t No Other Man” by Christina Aguilera

Christina Aguilera has had an eclectic range of sounds in her career. Her 2006 hit  “Ain’t No Other Man” has a soulful feel, and Aguilera gets to show off her vocals.

This song’s lyrics talk about being hooked on a man. You could say it’s the woman’s version of “What a Man Gotta Do” judging by Aguilera’s overall message.

The vocal line requires a big sound, and Christina delivers on every note with an absorbing gusto. Meanwhile, the brass band helps provide the backup necessary for this type of song.

You can sing along, but it may be hard at times due to the vocal riffs. Still, it’s fun to sing this song whether or not you have a man in your life.

18. “All the Man I Need” by Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston was one of the best singers of her time. A lot of her songs remain popular, and “All the Man I Need” is one of her finest recordings.

The song has a slow sound and makes excellent use of Instrumentals to help support the vocals.

Over time, it builds and has a bit of a reprieve before the second verse. “All the Man I Need” is an evocative representation of being with the right person.

19. “The Man” by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift aptly sings about being a man in “The Man.” Her lyrics cover society’s many double standards, such as how men can seemingly play the field without consequences.

It mentions being a leader rather than a bad word that people call women. She touches on how there are a lot of things that men can do without judgment that a woman can’t.

Swift is in her element here, and “The Man” showcases her style well. Regardless of the lyrics or whether you’re a Swiftie, it’s a powerful song to have in your playlist.

20. “Better Man” by Taylor Swift ft. Little Big Town

This Taylor Swift release features Little Big Town. “Better Man” is a slower song with a more country feel that’s reminiscent of Swift’s earlier releases.

Swift sings about breaking free of a toxic relationship and learning to accept the sense of loss from doing so.

If you want to hear a different version of the song with just Swift, she re-recorded it. Taylor’s version may be worth listening to if you like her more recent music.

21. “I Don’t Need a Man” by The Pussycat Dolls

The Pussycat Dolls are probably best known for the song “When I Grow Up.” However, their song “I Don’t Need a Man” has a similar vibe in the instrumentals.

Vocals are also reminiscent of the style of The Spice Girls and other 1990s groups. If you like music from that era, you may enjoy this song.

Each member of the group adds their vocals to the mix, so you can sing along with whoever best matches your own vocal range.

Songs With Man in the Title

No matter what style of music you like, you can find some songs with “man” in the title.

Many are about love and the perfect man, while others talk about how you don’t need a man or how it feels to be a woman. Be sure to check out some of the songs in this list, especially if you’ve never heard them before.