19 Songs About Friday

Friday is perhaps the most awaited day of the week. It’s the last day of work before we face two days to ourselves. That’s perhaps why a lot of people party or relax during this day.

Numerous artists also share the same feeling. This is what sometimes drives them to write songs about this special day. If you ever wondered if there are songs about Friday, you’re in the right place! Check out our list below for the best Friday songs.

Top 19 Songs About Friday

1. “Bright Lights, Bigger City” by CeeLo Green & Wiz Khalifa

CeeLo Green knows what is up when all of us talk about Friday. He specifically mentioned it in his song, “Bright Lights, Bigger City.” However, we also hear in the song that he’s not waiting for it to come anymore. Instead, he enjoys Saturday more than he does on Friday.

“I’ve been livin’ for the weekend
But no, not anymore
‘Cause here comes that familiar feelin’
That Friday’s famous for”

Nonetheless, whichever day of the week CeeLo enjoys the most, the song is generally about the nightlife. It was inspired by how people work tirelessly throughout the week and how all that repressed energy and excitement is released while partying on the weekends.

He said that Friday and Saturday are the most special days of the week. He also said that the working class, combined with Johnny Kemp’s “Just Got Paid,” are the main inspiration for the song, and he wanted to commemorate them.

2. “Cheap Thrills” by Sia Ft. Sean Paul

This song was written by Sia and Greg Kurstin and it was supposed to be recorded by Rihanna. However, Rihanna’s manager said they wanted something with soul, and they ended up recording “Diamonds” instead, which was also written by Sia.

Sia loved “Cheap Thrills” so much that she still recorded it as her own. It’s a mix of dance and reggae, and it’s about getting ready to party.  That’s what we hear in the lyrics,

“Gotta do my hair, put my make-up on
It’s Friday night, and it won’t be long”

3. “Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)” by Katy Perry

While the lyrics to this song don’t technically occur on a Friday, it’s about waking up after a night of partying on the day before the weekend. The tune was inspired by Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling.”

Believe it or not, the song was actually loosely based on a real-life event. Perry was out partying in Santa Barbara with her friends and the night got so crazy that she ran naked through a park in Santa Barbara, California. However, the part about ménage à trois is fictional, according to Perry.

4. “Dancing Queen” by ABBA

This song was originally titled “Boogaloo” but was changed to “Dancing Queen” as per their manager’s suggestion. It’s globally viewed as the first disco hit from europop, and was written by Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus from ABBA.

As the title suggests, it’s about dancing, and the entire music and melody of the song paint a disco-ish environment.

“Friday night and the lights are low
Looking out for a place to go
Where the play the right music
Getting in the swing
You come to look for a king”

5. “Runaways” by The Killers

This song is a great example of why you shouldn’t let the views of a number of people prevent you from making a great track. When the band played “Runaways” to a crowd in California, the audience’s reaction was rather lukewarm. Nonetheless, The Killers believed in their song, leading them to record and release it in 2012.

The Killers was initially trying to be a pop band, but their song “Runaways” was a mixture of slow rock and ballad. They knew they were good at that, so they stuck with it, and it became their launching pad to be the rock band that they are today.

“We got engaged on a Friday night
I swore on the head of our unborn child that I could take care of the three of us
But I got the tendency to slip when the nights get wild
It’s in my blood”

It’s a song about a couple from a small town who was struggling with their relationship and the drama that comes with it.

6. “Just Got Paid” by Johnny Kemp

This song from Johnny Kemp sticks to the whole theme of the Friday fun. “Just Got Paid” is about dressing up to look good, having just got your salary, and enjoying a night out with your closest friends.

It was written by Teddy Riley and Kemp himself. Originally, it was pitched to Keith Sweat, but Sweat didn’t like it. Riley and Kemp met up and the former gave the latter the track for the song. Kemp finished the lyrics and soon after, it became a number one R&B hit.

7. “Friday On My Mind” The Easybeats

This song was written by Harry Vanda and George Young. If you’re not aware, George is the older brother of Angus and Malcolm from the rock band AC/DC. It’s a song about the early days of The Easybeats when they would hang out just before the weekend to have fun.

“I’ve got Friday on my mind

Gonna have fun in the city
Be with my girl, she’s so pretty”

It became a hit because of its upbeat tempo and the 20-second buildup. It’s just guitar staccato for almost half a minute with Steve Wright going through the days of the week and how they don’t bring joy to him. The song itself and the music video has a Beatle-ish vibe to them.

8. “Friday” by Rebecca Black

The title of this song is already indicative of what it’s about. Rebecca Black’s upbringing has music and showbusiness at its center. She studied dance, attended summer camps for music, auditioned for various shows at school, and have even joined a patriotic singing group.

Her mother then paid a production company $2,000 to record and produce a song for Rebecca. The company gave her two pre-written song options; one was “Friday,” and the other was about adult relationships and love. She chose “Friday” because she was still an eighth-grader then and didn’t know much about the latter.

To date, the song has about 159 million views on YouTube, so yes, it went viral, but not for the right reasons. The music video has an amateurish approach, and the lyrics are rather simple.

“Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday
Today is Friday, Friday
We so excited
We gonna have a ball today

Tomorrow is Saturday
And Sunday comes afterward
I don’t want this weekend to end”

Maybe not the best $2,000 you could spend?

9. “Hello Friday” by Flo Rida Ft. Jason Derulo

This song was written by Flo Rida with Thomas Troelsen and Breyan Isaac. Troelsen also helped with three other Flo Rida songs, while Isaac is the co-writer of Flo Rida’s number one hit, “Whistle.”

“Hello Friday” is also about getting ready for a weekend of partying and saying goodbye to the workweek. It was later edited for the 2016 season of Major League Baseball under the title “Hello Summer.”

10. “Black Friday” by Steely Dan

No, this song is not about the shopping frenzy that occurs after Thanksgiving. This song is actually written long before we came to use that term. It’s about what “Black Friday” originally meant, which is a scheme that left dozens of investors bankrupt.

Back on the 24th of September in 1869, a lot of wealthy men purchased gold to rank up its value. However, the government realized what they were doing, so they released about $4 million worth of the mineral to drive down its price.

11. “Friday Night” by Lady Antebellum

This song was written by Rose Falcon, Rob Crosby, and Eric Paslay. Paslay is an American singer and songwriter, and he regularly sings this song live during his performances. Somebody told him that it should be a single, so he asked Lady Antebellum to record and release it. Nonetheless, Paslay also released it as a single in 2013.

It’s mainly about all the things you love about Fridays, and all the things you don’t like on other days. It starts with,

“I don’t wanna be your Monday morning heading back to work
Stuck in traffic going slow, nothing on the radio”

The chorus then goes,

“I wanna be your Friday night sweet ride
Summertime sunshine barefoot in the moonlight”

12. “This Is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan

Montell Jordan has been on the Top 40 chart eight times, and the one song that allowed him to reach the number one spot is “This Is How We Do It.” It was in VH1’s list of the Top 100 Greatest Songs of the ’90s and was nominated for MTV Video Music Award for Best Rhythm & Blues Video and Best Dance Video. Additionally, it was also nominated for the Best Rhythm & Blues Vocal Performance at the 1995 Grammy Awards.

It was used in multiple films and was also the theme song for Howie Mendel’s show called Howie Do It. It’s about heading to the club and partying all night. However, Jordan became a minister somewhere around 2010, so we might not hear a party-themed song from him any time soon. Gospel songs, maybe?

13. “What’s My Age Again?” by Blink-182

Even though this song starts out to suggest a fun Friday night, it’s actually the opposite of what the other songs on this list are.

“I took her out, it was a Friday night
I wore cologne to get the feeling right
We started making out and she took off my pants
But then I turned on the TV”

It was originally called the “Peter Pan Complex,” which is a real mental condition where the person suffering from it doesn’t want to grow up. However, the recording company thought listeners would not understand the reference, so the band had to change it to “What’s My Age Again?”

The song actually has a great message. Mark Hoppus had plenty of experiences where he’s told he’s too immature. Because of that, he was inspired to write this song which says you shouldn’t really care about other people’s opinions of you.

14. “Happy Days” by Pratt & McClain

This song was written by Charles Fox and Norman Gimbel, who also wrote “Killing Me Softly With His Song,” by Roberta Flack and later became a huge hit for other artists as well, one of which is Frank Sinatra. You might be confused that the writers don’t have the surnames Pratt & McClain. Well, it’s actually the name of the duo Truett Pratt and Jerry McClain, who mainly focused on commercial jingles.

The song is about loving every single day of the week, including Friday, of course. It was used as the closing song for the show Happy Days, with Bill Haley’s “Rock Around The Clock” being used for the opening. Nonetheless, it later replaced Bill Haley’s song as the opening soundtrack in 1976.

15. “Friday Is Forever” by We The Kings

“Friday Is Forever” is the lead single of the band’s third album, Sunshine State of Mind. As the title and the album name suggest, it’s a feel-good song that talks about loving every moment and living in it.

“Friday is forever, we belong together
So come on, come on
And don’t you say never
If you go then I know, there is no tomorrow”

The catchy melody, sing-along lyrics, and upbeat tempo are all characteristics of We The Kings’ music, and they know how much their listeners love it.

16. “Friday I’m In Love” by The Cure

The Cure was occasionally seen as a band that writes nothing but gloomy songs. However, their song “Friday I’m In Love” diverts from their traditional music and is quite out of character for them.

It’s a happy and optimistic pop song where Robert Smith, the lead singer, only desires the presence of his lover on a Friday, and he doesn’t care about the other days of the week. It starts with the lyrics, “I don’t care if Monday’s blue” which is a reference to the song “Blue Monday” by New Order.

17. “Thank God It’s Friday” by Love and Kisses

Even though the phrase became globally popular, with its acronym TGIF even more famous, the group who wrote the song “Thank God It’s Friday” may not be as commonly known. Love and Kisses is a European group produced by Alec Constandinos. However, this song is their only hit.

It was used in a film called Thank God It’s Friday. Unfortunately, the movie wasn’t a big hit. Nonetheless, several tracks caught the attention of viewers, causing numerous clubs to play this song.

A different track from the same movie called “Last Dance” earned the hearts of many and it even won the Best Original Song for the Oscar Academy Awards.

18. “Freaky Friday” by Lil Dicky

The movie of the same name is what inspired Lil Dicky to write this song. He said that he was at his parents’ house when the movie came on. He realized that the body-switching concept was so universally accepted and enjoyed. He then thought why songs don’t use the concept that much. That’s when he decided to write the song.

The song is about Lil Dicky suddenly waking up in Chris Brown’s body. The demo was recorded by someone else who sounds like Brown. Lil Dicky then presented it to Brown and the latter enjoyed it so much that he agreed to be on the song. He even recorded his parts the following night after hearing the demo.

At first, Lil Dicky was afraid people wouldn’t get it without the music video. However, the comedic approach of the song really captured the humor of his followers and it quickly reached the first spot on the UK charts.

Other artists loved the song and the concept as well, which is why we see DJ Khaled, Ed Sheeran, and Kendall Jenner in the music video. Sheeran is a close friend of Lil Dicky and he wanted to be part of it as soon as seeing the video.

19. “Rapper’s Delight” by The Sugarhill Gang

By the time this song was released, rap music was making rounds for about seven years. However, “Rapper’s Delight” was the first-ever hip-hop song to penetrate the US Hot 100. That’s mainly because record companies back then were uninterested in recording rap music as it was originally considered a short-lived enthusiasm shared by a few people.

It uses the traditional formula of hip-hop songs; simplistic beat with fast and boastful lyrics. The beat was sampled from a Chic song called “Good Times.” It quickly became an iconic song of the time because of how it begins,

“I said-a hip, hop, the hippie, the hippie
To the hip hip hop-a you don’t stop the rock
It to the bang-bang boogie, say up jump the boogie
To the rhythm of the boogie, the beat”

Confusing as the lyrics may seem, it’s actually about having fun on a Friday night and all throughout the weekend by impressing the audience with the artist’s catchy tunes.

“I said I can’t wait ’til the end of the week
When I’m rappin’ to the rhythm of a groovy beat
An attempt to raise your body heat
Just blow your mind so that you can’t speak”


Out of all the days of the week, Friday is perhaps what we look forward to the most. It’s the day that we get to be ourselves after a week of working hard from nine to five.

The next time you want to blow off some steam, make sure you’re accompanied by the best music out there. Our list of the best songs about Friday should help you out!