19 Christian Songs about Mothers

It’s been a habit of mothers all around the world to sing lullabies to their children with the intent of soothing them to sleep or calming them down. No matter how out of tune it may sound, our mother’s vocal prowess would still be the most enchanting sound to our ears. It is only fitting that we create songs to honor the women who were instrumental to our being born into this world.

As Christians, we are all aware that the Lord created man first, followed by a woman to assist him. Women and men start families by leaving their parents’ houses and joining together to form a single unit and start their own families. In the eyes of the Creator, men and women are on equal ground.

Women, on the other hand, play a critical role in the world, among other things. The Bible never specifies that every woman must become a mother at some point in her life. It does, however, state that every woman who has been given the gift of motherhood should approach it with the utmost respect and responsibility.

Mothers do a lot for us, even including stuff outside their plates. Some Christian singers wrote songs to recognize their efforts and appreciate their sacrifices. Here are twenty Christian songs about mothers, let’s lull ourselves as we go on each track.

19 Christian Songs about Mothers

1. “This Amazing Love” by Emily Laudeman

The song starts by telling how God has carefully and correctly chosen the best mother for you as if it was written in a great master plan. Suddenly, it transitions by telling that God resonates His love, care, and affection through your mother.

The line “Just as a mother comforts, So I will comfort you” wraps up the gist of the song. No wonder why a mother’s love is amazing since a part of God’s love is embedded with it. Listen to how incredible a mother’s love can be:

2. “In my Arms” by Plumb

When you listen to the tender lyrics of this song, you will immediately visualize a mother carrying her baby as she sings a lullaby to her young one. Then, the words changed course as she envisions her baby’s future filled with challenges, hostility, and external temptations that might ruin her future.

Yet, she feels complacent, secured even, that with God’s assistance, the future of her son is safe within her arms. See what goes on inside a mother’s mind when she thinks of what the future holds for her dear child:

3. “A Mother’s Love” by Jim Brickman

“A Mother’s Love” is a song of appreciation of all the things our mother has done for us, which is plentiful! Throughout the song Jim Brickman thanks her mother for all the little and big things she had done for him, with or without his knowledge.

Despite being a thanksgiving song for his mother, he did not forget the One who empowered mother’s love—God. Listen to this beautiful tribute:

4. “Everything to Me” by Mark Schultz

Mark Schultz, the co-writer and singer of “Everything to Me”, was an adopted child. He wrote this song to commend her mom’s decision to put him up for adoption in hopes that he would experience a better quality of life.

The lyrics of the song break you up; but for Mark and his good heart, he is looking forward to seeing his mother in heaven and tell her how thankful he is for her decision. Here is the song showing what sacrifice it must have been for the mother to give up her own child for adoption, as seen through the child’s eyes:

5. “Call Her Blessed” by Stacey Noll

Throughout the entirety of the song, it focuses on deeming the mother as blessed for living a Christ-centered life and raising a child by teaching him God’s word and His morals. The song was written from the perspective of the child.

By the end of the song, he expresses gratefulness to his mother and God in the lines “Her faith lives on in us. We are walking miracles because she followed You. Bless the one who gave me life”. This is a testament that shows how living through faith and by example could be passed on and influences the lives of your children. Listen to the song in full:

6. “Faith of Our Mothers” by A.B Patten

“Faith of Our Mothers”, written by Arthur Bardwell Patten, is a song about mothers who are raising God’s children and letting their faith guide them through parenthood. The mothers have shown how they practice their faith to God that even years after they die, their children will still follow them.

Their faith did not only improve their spiritual life, but it helped them in other aspects of life as well. This faith is most evident during their lowest times as it redirected them back to the life God has planned out for them. Listen to the hymn honoring the women who brought children into this world and nurtured them with loving faith:

7. “One Heartbeat at a Time” by Steven Curtis Chapman

“One Heartbeat at A Time” is a song for mothers who feel like they do not accomplish much every day. Mothers tend to feel like they live in a loop of working, pampering their child, and doing chores all the time. Due to it being so habitual, they begin to feel not that impactful to everyone around them.

In this song, Steven Curtis Chapman reminds and reassures all mothers that every sweat that drops, every stain that marks, every tear that they wipe off, and all the other sacrifices they do won’t go in vain. Little it may seem, but mothers influence the future one heartbeat at a time, as this song goes:

8. “Don’t Forget to Remember Me” by Carrie Underwood

This song is very relatable to the youths. “Don’t Forget to Remember Me” is a song written through the lens of a young adult that had no choice but to depart from home. The song began with an emotional conversation between a mother and her child. As usual, the mother kept on reminding her of things to do and be aware of.

Years later, the child starts to feel lonely and devotes time to catch up with his family. However, he never lets his family get a hint of the loneliness he is feeling. The song ends with the child continuously asking for reassurance that despite the distance and time they do not have for one another, they should strive to keep connected as much as possible. Catch a young adult’s sentiments about spreading their wings and missing the nest in this song:

9. “When You Come Home” by Billy Gilman

The love of a mother can be our fortress, it can protect us from all the negativities we could possibly get from the world. “When You Come Home” is a refresher that will remind us that no matter what we have become or what we have been through, we can always go back home to our mother as she stands by at the entrance of the house with wide-open welcoming doors.

No matter how dilapidated or barren your house becomes with the passage of time, it will always be your haven and your safe space, since a home is not bound to the four pillars of the building but within the heart of your mother. As the song said, “It is where you are loved, it is where you belong”. Feel the warmth of this song’s message:

10. “The Blessing” by Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes

Sing to the glory of God! The song speaks we are all with God. “God is always around. He is for you.” The moment we realize this is the moment we sing for joy. This is a contemporary worship song where you will feel His presence in every person around you, especially your mom. After all, aren’t mothers among the world’s greatest blessings?

11. “Slow Down” by Nichole Nordeman

This song is very heartfelt; listening to it almost feels like you are in a cradle. It talks about one thing that makes mothers fulfilled yet quite sad—watching their children grow up.

We all hear or read about how mothers don’t want their child to grow up too fast; they wish for time to slow down so the moments they spend with their little ones last longer. Look into a mother’s thoughts about her child growing up too soon in this song:

12. “Counting Every Blessing” by Rend Collective

There is an ongoing saying which tells that entering motherhood means the death of an old life and birth of a new one: once a woman becomes a mother, her lifestyle, choices, thought process, basically everything, changes. The song “Counting Every Blessing” starts with a list of some of the things that change in one’s life upon having a Christ-centered life. People might say that having a holistic revamp is burdensome and laborious. But you can see as the song progresses to the chorus, that instead of noticing the downsides, the person instead counts all the blessings and all the other great things he experiences.

Just like our mothers, they do not demand that much; simple gestures like snuggling on their arms, sharing how your day went or maybe small good news you’d rather not tell anybody else yet (because you want to share the joy with her), or a simple “I love you” will brighten up their day. Count your blessings, too, as you listen to this song:

13. “O Love of God” by Laura Story

“O, Love of God” is not your all-so-typical song for mothers, but I’m pretty sure that seeing their children grow in God’s plan will make them want to sing this song as loud as they could in utmost joy.

The lyrics present the insurmountable love God has for His creation just like in the lines “I marvel at the mystery that One so great could love someone like me”. Being a mother is not easy, but this is a song reminding them that where they can draw strength from when things become difficult for them.

14. “Confidence” by Sanctus Real

This is a more lyrically fun song compared to others on the list. It mentions Biblical references such as Daniel, Moses, and David. The song could act as a morale booster or an anthem to remind us that with God’s grace and power, no matter what challenges, predicaments, or trials we face, we could do it in His name.

This song is relatable to mothers who they take their battles silently and not letting these trouble the household. To all the mothers out there, may you have faith like Daniel, hope like Moses, and a heart like David’s. Here is a song for when you need that much-needed pick-me-up:

15. “Soar” by Meredith Andrews

Mothers are instruments of God’s love. On an unsteady rock-a-bye, it is a mother who secures it. Even as her children age and get to decide on their own, a mother still holds the guiding lamp.

And when we feel like we are growing weary, God, through our mothers, encourages us to still soar like an eagle for we know they are with us on every crooked path we take. They are rivers on the dry ground we walk on.

16. “Only Jesus” by Casting Crowns

This song has a wholesome kind of vibe, the feel-good music that will make you get on your feet and sing along. But the message of this song scratches beneath the surface. Whenever you are pressured to live a life of legacy so people can remember you, to whom are you really doing it?

Many people dream big and chase their hearts, but why are there still voids?  Sometimes it feels empty and fading because you are losing the light when you just make it all to you; but when you make God the center, that void will be filled. To realize what a real legacy is, mothers show us how. Listen to the song and you will be reminded of how your mother used to say put God in everything and you will be successful:

17. “While You Were Holding Me” by Jasmine Murray

This is one of the most beautiful Christian songs. It will help you understand a mother’s selfless love, an embrace we get even in her darkest moments we do not even know.

When you are being held by your mom, it’s God that holds her, making her strong to raise you up. God receives all the broken pieces so mothers will have the faith to go on and let you see that God is with you all the time.

18. “You Say” by Lauren Daigle

And when no one believes in you, there’s your mom, and there’s God. Sometimes we feel like our world is crumbling on our feet and we are starting to lose it all, but perhaps what we need is just someone who still believes. And who else in the face of this planet tells you that she believes in you and that you are worth it all?

That’s right, your mom; the one who always encourages you and the one who believes in you. You know that sense of assurance when you are starting to forget who you are, that assurance that keeps you moving forward and brings you back to your senses? That’s the assurance from God—a promise that things will be alright. Though you don’t hear it directly from God, your mother delivers the same message.

19. “Beautifully Broken” by Plumb

This one hits the core. It feels like a pat on the back that tells you, you will be fine again. Even after breaking in pieces, you will still be backed up in a beautiful pie and that doesn’t lessen your worth. God will help you become whole again and all through that process your mother is always behind you.

She is hurting too but healing comes in many ways. Do not worry more because God holds both of you like the stars, broken and formed but give the brightest light in the night sky, as this song guarantees:

In Conclusion

Let us take the time to appreciate all the mothers out there! Through these hymns or Christian songs, we honor them not only during Mother’s Day but even on ordinary days as well. Let us remind them every single day that they are one of the greatest and incomparable blessings God has ever given us. You know you wouldn’t be there right now, reading this article, if not for the one who brought you into this world—your mother. So, talk to her, call or pay her a visit, bring her some flowers, and tell her to take some time to listen to the songs on this list!